What Should I Tell My Boyfriend about My Herpes before We Have Sex?

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How to Talk to your Boyfriend About Having Herpes 

Talking about sex is something that in general we don’t feel comfortable about. As adults we get all uncomfortable when a sex topic comes up and it’s like we turn into little kids. It’s so funny. But at the same time it’s a real problem. We need to learn how to talk to our partners about sex and that includes safe sex, birth control, desires and so on. 

Today we’re talking about how to talk to your...

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What It's like Being Married to Someone Who Has Herpes: Interview with Bill Gaylord

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The Real Deal From Someone Who Doesn’t Have Herpes But is Married To Someone Who Does

This was such a fun interview to do because I got to interview my favorite person in the world, my husband. Bill comes on the show and talks about his experience of what it’s like to be married to someone who has herpes. We get into what it was like when I disclosed to him, what it was like when we were dating and then now what it’s like being married. 

I have Bill share his initial...

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Life with Herpes Podcast Interview: Bill Gaylord Talking about What It's like Being Married to Someone with Herpes.

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Alexandra Harbushka: Hey. I'm Alexandra Harbushka and I have my husband Bill here.

Bill: Yay.

Alexandra: Back by popular demand our dog, Scarlett, is taking a siesta...

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4 Things to Say If Your Friend Has Herpes How to Be There for Your BFF when They’re Diagnosed with Herpes

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How to Be There for Your BFF when They’re Diagnosed with Herpes

You and your best friend are hanging out having a glass of wine and she says to you, “I have herpes”. 

You immediately pour another glass of wine and don’t know what to say. 

Have you been there?  Of course you don’t want to say the wrong thing and you want to be there to support your BFF.  Let’s face it, she's scared and you’re there wanting to make all the pain go...

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3 Ways Herpes Empowers You

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Your Herpes Diagnosis Can Be Positive

Hearing the words, “You have herpes” is devastating. I remember what it was like when I was there and I got off the phone with my doctor. All your wishes, hopes and dreams flash before your eyes. Then there’s the fear that sets in and leaves you wondering how your life will ever be normal again. 

Does this sound familiar? I bet. 

But here’s the truth getting herpes empowers you to take action. I’m being serious....

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Is Herpes Dirty? How to Tell Your Friends & Family

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What You Need to Know before You Tell Your Friends and Family 

Hearing the words, “I’m clean” when talking about STI’s is so common. Personally it makes me cringe when I hear it. Typically when we’re about to be sexually active with a new partner the conversation usually uses the words, “don’t worry I’m clean” in it. Sound familiar?

Hear’s the deal, using the word “clean” when talking about herpes or any other STI is...

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Celebrities With Herpes

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Our idols even get herpes

We idolize celebrities and think they walk on water. They're usually very attractive, hard working and have made it into the spotlight. Often times we forget that they’re human and yep they do all the things we do; the fart, they make mistakes and of course they have herpes too. 

I have to say I had fun googling who has herpes. I felt like I was TMZ or Joan Rivers digging up dirt on people. Some people were sued for allegations that they transmitted...

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Herpes Diagnosis & Empowerment: An Interview With Jenna Roberts a Life With Herpes Member

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Hear how a herpes diagnosis went from devastation to empowerment 

Alexandra: Hey you guys, I'm Alexandra Harbushka, founder of Life With Herpes. And I'm really excited today because I have an interview with one of our secret society members. So Jenna Roberts has offered to tell her story, share what it was like to get diagnosed, share what it was like to go through that whole process with her doctor. Go in, find out that it was herpes, you know, her whole dating story. And then she's...

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How One Person Took Her Herpes Diagnosis from Devastation to Empowerment

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Interview with Jenna Roberts: our own Secret Society Member 

Welcome to the Life With Herpes show. Today I sat down with one of our Life With Herpes Secret Society members, Jenna Roberts.  This was a huge deal for both of us and probably a bigger deal for Jenna. This is the first time I’ve had one of our community members on the show (yay) and this was Jenna’s way of stepping into her power and owning her herpes diagnosis! 

Jenna talks about her herpes diagnosis and...

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Oral Sex & Herpes

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What you need to know about oral sex and herpes

One of the common questions I get from the community has to do with oral sex. Oral sex is kind of left out of the equation when we’re talking about sex, sex education or sexual health. Typically what comes to mind when we talk about sex is just the plane old heterosexual vaginal sex. And then when we talk about safe sex or even in sex ed classes, oral sex is kinda just left out. It’s like it’s not really considered...

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