Herpes Viruses & How It Affects Children

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Will herpes impact your child's health?

There’s been a lot of parents or people who want to become parents  recently asked about their kids. When were diagnosed with herpes were worried that we could potentially pass this to someone we love and of course accidentally to our kids. 

I want to cover the facts and how you can prevent transmission to your kids. 

Over the years I’ve had people reach out to me with questions and of course stories when it comes to herpes and their kids. I’ve had pare…

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Will Herpes Impact Your Fertility? 

Will Herpes Impact Your Fertility_ - alexandra harbushka blog

Wanting to know if you can get pregnant if you have herpes?

I get questions all the time about pregnancy and herpes. In fact, this was one of the first questions I asked when I was first diagnosed back in 2011. 

There are so many myths out there that demonize herpes and make us feel like we no longer have the same rights a people who don’t have herpes. It’s 100% BS and yes, you can have a baby. 

I talk about herpes and pregnancy in other episodes and I’ll have them linked so you can hop over …

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Herpes & Pregnancy

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Yay, you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant and want to know what herpes has to do with it. 

Wow, this is exciting! Time in your life so let's talk about herpes and pregnancy. 

I can remember one of the first things I was worried about and asked my doctor about pregnancy. I was curious if it would impact pregnancy, birth, and the child. I’m sure I wasn’t the only woman so here are some great details on this next exciting big step. 

Let’s break this down into two sections, people …

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