Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades Of Play - Living A Full Life With Herpes

Alexandra has made it her mission to educate all within reach regarding a sexual health and wellness STI, herpes that affects many adults, teens and children, some in the most emotionally harmful ways. It doesn't have to be that way. Listen in as she educates us all on how anyone can live a full life with herpes and without the heart crushing stigma and shame.

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LifeBlood with George Grombacher 

We talked about living with herpes, how common it is, how to remove the stigma, what to do should you be diagnosed with it, approaching difficult situations with love and kindness, and the resources that are available, with Alexandra Harbushka, Founder of Life with Herpes, speaker, podcaster and YouTuber.   

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In Your Pants with Dr. Susie G: Living Life with Herpes

We cover topics like: How to talk with others about herpes, Coping with the emotions of an STI diagnosis and feeling shame, How to start enjoying life again after being diagnosed with herpes, Dating with herpes and how to communicate your boundaries, What to do after being diagnosed with herpes, Resources if you’re concerned you have herpes or have been diagnosed.

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In Your Pants with Dr. Susie G podcast 1

Ask A Sex Therapist: Shattering Stigma

Why even married/monogamous people need to know about Herpes. Testing for Herpes isn't automatic when you get an STI panel--how to get checked!Why Herpes is more of a nuisance and really isn't the end of the world (and we need to stop stigmatizing it). How common HSV 1 and HSV 2 are and where in the body each strain can be located. Smart precautions to take and factoids to help you be more risk-aware.

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Life Lessons: Sharing without Shame

Alexandra shares how she received a shocking diagnosis which required her to discover how best to share her journey with others. Since then, she has gone on to help others learn to navigate and share their own difficult challenges openly and without shame.

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Forgive and Thrive: Living with Herpes with Alexandra Harbushka

Do you feel stuck? Do you think that by now, you should have achieved far more in your life? Perhaps, you should have a better job, a higher salary, stress-free relationships, or an all-around more comfortable and fulfilling life? Well, you are not alone. Join me in this exciting journey to unveil how you can get unstuck and create the fulfilling life you deserve.

Podcast Teaser - Herpes and Forgiveness >1 min

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Don't Let Herpes Ruin Your Life. Own Your Story!

How can you turn a terrible experience into a mission driven purpose? It starts with being vulnerable and sharing your story. My guest Alexandra Harbushka’s life was sent into upheaval when she received a call from her doctor diagnosing her with herpes. Shaking, feeling like her life - her goals, happiness, and desires - had all just gone up in smoke, she was left scared shitless but with a new life path and mission. 

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Inspired Women Podcast: Living With Herpes Featuring Alexandra Harbushka

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Alexandra Harbushka. Alexandra Harbushka’s life was sent into upheaval when she received a call from her doctor diagnosing her with herpes. Shaking, feeling like her life – her goals, happiness, and desires – had all just gone up in smoke, she was left scared shitless and with a new mission, to share her story with people just like her and to let them know that their feelings are normal, natural, and that they are not victims.

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130: Life with Herpes

Mariah is joined by Alexandra Harbushka, who took her diagnosis of genital herpes and created mission-driven resources, community, podcast, and wellness products to support those who are experiencing the same thing. Don't think this episode it for you? Think again, 1 in 3 adults have herpes virus and not all of us show symptoms. Today is the day to find out more and not let the fear and stigma keep us from living full and happy lives.

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Thrive with Shannon

Breaking Stigmas with a Sexual Health DX with Alexandra Harbushka

Welcome to Thrive with Sharon Podcast! This podcast with Sharon Land is designed to introduce and explore more deeply different aspects of alternative healing. Get ready to join conversations with Doctors, Therapists, 7 figure entrepreneurs, Healers, Mystics, Monks, Authors, Thought Leaders, Transformation guides, and positive changemakers across the world.

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Life with Herpes - Alexandra’s story

Alexandra has been hosted on a podcast with Dr. Emily, the NFP Pharmacist - “Wholly a Woman”. Her podcast teaches you more about how your beautiful body works and how to find encouragement and inspiration to celebrate your whole womanhood.

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Turning Your Deepest Secret Into Your Life’s Mission With Alexandra Harbushka

The Wealthy and Well Woman Podcast is a show for the growth obsessed female entrepreneurs ready to build wealth and live a life by design in overflow. Hosted by business coach, yoga teacher, and founder of Be Well Events, Kat Cynewski leaves you with implementable tips, thought leadership, mindset shifts, motivation, and must have wellness hacks to help you break through the next level...

Podcast Teaser - Being Authentic & Compassionate >1 min

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 Find your model health!

Biohacker, Certified Iridologist, Personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and Nutritional Therapist, specializing in orthomolecular nutrition, long term weight loss, female hormones, adrenal health, sleep quality, brain health and more. Teaching you how to take care of yourself and learn how to constantly stack conditions in your favor.

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Owning Your Sexual Self - Rachel Maine

We have an awesome guest on this podcast today! We have talked about this topic before, with Coutney Brame where he took us through his herpes journey and gave us a lot of guidance around all the things. Alexandra reached out to me recently and asked if she could share some more light around this topic.

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In Bed with Caoi featuring Alexandra Harbushka

In this week's episode I interviewed Alexandra Harbushka. Alexandra is the founder of, Life With Herpes, an online community consisting of a podcast, a website, Youtube channel, wellness products to support those with the skin condition and an online community that provides support, all dedicated to shattering the stigma of living with herpes.

 Podcast Teaser - Rejection Because of Herpes >1 min

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