Outbreaks While You’re Pregnant: What to Do

Outbreaks While You're pregnant (Blog Banner)

First of all, congratulations!!!!! This is such an exciting time of your life and to think that you are going to have a baby! I honestly miss being pregnant and just enjoying all the anticipation and joy that was to come. 

OK, so back to you and your outbreaks. 

Obviously we don’t want to get outbreaks and we want to take care of our bodies the best we can to prevent outbreaks and also protect our baby. 

Let me tell you a bit abut my pregnancy. I went through IVF to have Clinton and I never had an outbreak during any of the hormonal treatments and IVF treatments to get pregnant. Then fast forward I don’t believe I had outbreaks in my first trimester but then in my second trimester I started having few and then in my last trimester I had them back to back.

One of the most important things i can suggest and recommend is to get onto same page as your doctor. Tell your doctor that you have herpes and get a game plan together for the birth. Also, let your doctor know that you are getting outbreaks or not getting outbreaks. This is about communication and also about your baby. 

Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to talk the antivirals while you are pregnant. I’m not a doctor so I can’t recommend anything and suggest that you do your own research. I personally did not take any antivirals until week 35 or 36. I figured that you can’t eat a turkey sandwich so why would I put an antiviral in my body. But that was just me and my thoughts. Each do your own research and decide what feels right. 

Natural ways that I dealt with the outbreaks were using tea tree oil. I didn’t take lysine because that isn’t researched and there was not enough data on moms taking lysine while pregnant. So I didn’t.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it topically in salves or lotions. What I did was use coconut oil and mixed it with tea tree oil and then applied it directly to the outbreak. Like I mentioned in my last trimester I had back to back outbreaks but my body at that point and yours most likely will be too under lots of stress.

At the end of the day, pregnancy is temporary and it’s important to do what you feel is right for your body and your baby. I’m so excited for you to be expecting!!!!

We have a community and there are also expecting mothers and mothers who have herpes! If you want to talk to us, come join the club!

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