What to Do If You Were Just Diagnosed with Genital Herpes

What to Do If You Were Just Diagnosed with Genital Herpes (Blog Banner)

When we are diagnosed with genital herpes or oral herpes our hearts sink. We feel totally alone and like nobody understand what we are going through. This was exactly how I felt when I was diagnosed with genital herpes back in 2011.

Something that doesn't help us with this 'alone feeling' is that when we are alone we can go down a rabbit hole and start creating worry which leads to depression or anxiety. I call this phase of just being diagnosed with herpes the Eeyore phase. When we are diagnosed we feel like Eeyore. There is always a rain-cloud over our heads and our days just fell alone and like nothing will go our way. Personally, I was stuck there for 2 years. It was awful and I don't want anyone to be stuck there either.

Here are 3 things you should do if you were just diagnosed with herpes.

  1. Educate yourself on what herpes is and is not. It is not a life sentence and it is not life altering. It is annoying blister, yes it is. But understanding what herpes is and how the virus works will help you better digest your diagnosis as well as learn what your herpes triggers are and so on. There are tons of resources here on Life With Herpes so keep searching through the archives.

  2. Getting treatment that is right for you will be key. There are a few different ways you can go with this. There are antivirals that you can take under the prescription of your doctor. They are FDA proven to lessen the transmission of herpes, help prevent herpes outbreaks as well as speed up the recovery of an outbreak. Then there are some other natural ways you can go about treating your herpes outbreaks. There are essential oils, Epsom salt baths and even supplements that can support with this. Here are some links to a few of my favourites; Secret Society Wellness Products, Lysine & Monoluarin.

  3. Find a community that supports you. Like I was saying earlier being alone is not a good place to be. And that is how we feel when we are diagnosed. We feel like we are totally alone and that nobody gets us. There are lots of support groups out there. Clearly I think the Life With Herpes Support Group is the best. Find on that resonates with you so that you can find friends, talk about what is currently freaking you out and get the support that you need. Dive in and it will be the best decision you made.

    Herpes Support Group

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