Unveiling the Connection: Herpes, Thyroid, and Epstein Barr - A Personal Journey with Coach Sarah Joy

This week's support group call was truly transformative as we welcomed Coach Sarah Joy, a passionate advocate on a mission to unravel the complex correlations between herpes, thyroid issues, and Epstein Barr. Her personal journey, marked by struggles with 25 symptoms, shed light on the profound negative impact these conditions can have on our well-being.

As you know, I typically write a blog post that reflects on our call this week, I thought I'd outline the blog post a bit differently and do more of a transcript on what we covered. For thoes of you in the Secret Society there will be a recording of this and trust me you don;t want to miss it.

Unveiling the Personal Struggle:

Coach Sarah Joy opened up about her own battles with exhaustion, hypothyroidism, and the quest to understand their root causes. Despite facing traumatic events one after another, she encountered skepticism from doctors who attributed her symptoms to stress, age, or depression. Many of us resonated with her story, recognizing the need to address the underlying issues causing our own health challenges.

Connecting the Dots: Herpes, Thyroid, and Epstein Barr:

Sarah Joy prompted us to consider the connection between herpes and thyroid problems. She delved into the impact of neurological fatigue, which can lead to severe anxiety. Explaining the longevity and mutation of viruses over the years, she emphasized the difficulty our bodies face in combating these evolving pathogens. Mineral insufficiencies, exposure to environmental factors, and the body's silent struggle with various symptoms were key points of discussion.

Detoxifying for Renewed Vitality:

Our bodies, Sarah Joy asserted, are fighting symptoms without fully understanding the root causes. The toxic byproducts of viruses can overwhelm the central nervous system, leading to extreme fatigue. Exploring detoxification methods, she highlighted the importance of addressing TPO, TGO antibodies, and TSH levels for comprehensive health management.

Vaginal Microbiome and Women's Health:

The conversation shifted towards the vaginal microbiome, a critical ecosystem with a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. Sarah Joy explained the importance of maintaining a pH level of 4.4 or below for optimal health. Factors such as alkaline environments, long baths, chlorine exposure, and the use of certain products can disrupt this balance, contributing to issues like UTIs, yeast infections, painful periods, and infertility.

Nurturing Gut Health for Men (and Women):

Acknowledging the significance of gut health specifically for men as a cornerstone of the immune system, Sarah Joy encouraged participants to explore the diversity of gut bacteria. She outlined the impact of external factors such as pesticides, herbicides, oral antibiotics, and hygiene products on gut health. The "weed, seed, feed" approach was discussed as a means of cultivating a robust gut microbiome.


Understanding the Feeders:

Sarah Joy concluded by shedding light on the role of specific dietary elements, explaining how eggs can potentially exacerbate conditions like HSV and Epstein Barr.

Coach Sarah Joy's insights during our support group call were both eye-opening and empowering. As we shared our experiences and sought answers to our questions, a sense of unity emerged. By unraveling the intricate connections between herpes, thyroid issues, and Epstein Barr, we empower ourselves to take charge of our health journey. Let this be the beginning of a collective exploration toward renewed vitality and well-being.

Here are the resources we discussed during the call:

Ps. for those of you in the Secret Society remember that Coach Sarah Joy is in there and you can chat with her.


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