HSV 1 Is Not Always Oral Herpes

HSV 1 is not always oral herpes(Blog Banner)

The amount of times that I get asked about having oral herpes down there is astonishing. I mean that not in an ignorant way but in a way that so many people are now getting oral herpes down there.  

Before we go into why that’s happening let’s back up and explain HSV 1 and HSV 2.

HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus was originally thought to just be one type. You either got blisters on your mouth or on your genitals. It wasn’t until we had better technology to be able to tell the difference in the DNA thus creating HSV 1 and HSV 2. Typically HSV 1 has preferred the oral region and HSV 2 has preferred the genital region. 

Historically when people were diagnosed with herpes it was done clinically which means that a doctor or medical professional looks at the blister and looks at the symptoms and then diagnoses it with collateral. Before we knew about HSV1 or HSV2 it was just herpes. Now fast forward to HSV 1 mostly being oral herpes and then HSV2 being mostly genital herpes people just assume that if they have oral herpes they have HSV1 and if they have genital herpes they have HSV2. 

But here’s what is happening, more and more people are getting genital HSV1.

Here are 3 reasons why I believe HSV 1 is on the rise down there.

First reason. Now these are my speculations and not science-backed so take it how you will. Our recent generations have been shielded from HSV 1 oral. Schools have done a better job at preventing transmission by sending kids home from school and other things. We now know how herpes is transmitted instead of thinking it’s hereditary and have done a better job at preventing transmission to our kids. Just as a whole, our kids and teens are not getting it as often. Herpes numbers are still up and people are still getting it so now the virus is getting to go in a new location. 

So now we have our late teens and young adults entering out into the sexual world and boom. HSV1 is getting transferred via oral sex to the genitals. So if our children and teens were getting HSV 1 orally like past generations then it would not be happening as often genitally. Once we have the virus and the antibodies we can not reinfect ourselves with the same virus. 

My second hypothesis, we are not being taught in sex-ed that herpes can be transmitted via oral sex. Oral sex is sometimes used as a “safe sex” method. A lot of condom people will have oral sex. Also, there are a lot of people that don’t know that cold sores are herpes and that it’s contagious. The use of a condom or dental dam for oral sex is not practiced and in some cases not even talked about. 

And my final reason is, people don’t know cold sores are herpes and/or they don’t know they have it. WIth 2 out of 3 people having HSV 1 it’s so common and most of the time the virus will be dormant in our system.  So if people don’t know that they have herpes they can’t prevent transmission for something they don’t know they have. 

So to sum this up it boils down to education and getting the word out about herpes and how it’s transmitted. If you have a blood test done and it tells you that you have the antibodies for HSV1 and you have never had an outbreak then you have no way of knowing where it’s located. This can be good news or bad news, lol. 

This is something that we talk about all the time in our Secret Society. I get asked almost every day how getting oral herpes down there is possible. So if you’d like to continue this conversation and also talk to others who have oral herpes down there then you should check out our Secret Society. It’s private monthly membership with people from all over the world. We have an online chat as well as we meet 2 times a week on a live zoom call. Anyway, I’d love to see you there. 

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