5 Superfoods That Can Help If You Have Herpes


Microbial infections can be quite daunting to deal with and affect many people worldwide. Out of all the microbes, the viral diseases are likely to remain for longer durations. When it comes to the occurrence of viral diseases, herpes is one of the most common ones. It occurs due to the infection by herpes simplex virus. Also, the infection can be of two types depending on the strain of the virus. While herpes simplex 1 causes oral symptoms, the type 2 infection leads to genital blisters.

Here are the symptoms of herpes and the dietary factors that might help reduce the same.

What Is Herpes?




Herpes is a viral infection that results from the herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2. It leads to the appearance of sores and blisters around the lips and genital areas. Also, the disease is incurable and requires lifelong symptomatological management. In case you’re experiencing sores and herpes-like blisters, you must consult your physician right away. With more than 60% incidence of herpes type 1, the disease is manageable by drug therapy. Along with this, dietary modifications are of great help in the viral infection and control the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Herpes

If you’re wondering about the symptomatology of the viral infection, then keep reading. The herpes type 1 infection caused by HSV 1 induces oral sores and blisters. Also, the sores occur mainly at the corner of your lips, tongue, or over the face. Such sores last for more than two weeks and appear in various stages. Another type of herpes infection, i.e., herpes type 2, is a genital one. It makes you experience blisters around the genital region, vaginal discharge, and pain while passing urine. Other than this, the general symptoms like fever and malaise are also quite common amongst herpes patients.

Dietary Modifications & Superfoods



Herpes infection is incurable and requires long-term management according to the symptoms. Along with this, you can make some dietary modifications and include the superfoods rich in lysine in your diet. Lysine is an amino acid that possesses therapeutic abilities against herpes infection. Also, it prevents the outbreak of herpes and keeps the symptoms under control. The amino acid may reduce the occurrence of cold sores and prevent sexual transmission. You can couple it up with other essential nutrients like vitamin C and flavonoids.

  1. CBD

Herpes may lead to painful sores and uncontrollable breakouts now and then. In such situations, it becomes essential to seek natural therapy using effective herbal remedies. You can use CBD supplements to reduce the frequency of blisters. Also, cannabidiol acts on the endocannabinoid system and incorporates a healthy immune response. When the herpes virus attacks your cellular pathways, it induces an inflammatory response.

However, the cannabidiol may stimulate the cannabinoid receptors to control the signs of inflammation. Get your hands on the CBD supplements by Sunday Scaries to prevent herpetic eruptions. You can also try out the CBD edibles and tinctures for effective dietary changes.

  1. Spirulina

Another superfood that enhances your nutrient reservoir and tackles viral infections is spirulina. It’s biomass arising from the algae-like cyanobacteria. Also, the spirulina is exceptionally rich in nutrients, particularly protein content. You can get your hands on the spirulina supplements to curb the herpes outbreak as well. It is due to the immune-boosting effects of the supplement on your body. Spirulina enhances your innate immune functions and fights off the herpes simplex virus during the outbreak. Along with this, it helps with other viral infections like HIV and incorporates salubrity.

  1. Fenugreek



Fenugreek is a potent herb used as a nutritional aid for viral infections. The herb possesses many therapeutic properties and controls the occurrence of herpes sores. You can include the seeds, roots, or even fenugreek leaves in your diet to keep the symptoms at bay. Also, it contains chemicals like flavonoids and saponins that fight off inflammatory reactions. Make sure to get your hands on the authentic seeds and garnish your meal with the same.

  1. Legumes

Herpes infections remain under control with the high lysine diet and low arginine levels. To enhance the levels of such amino acids, you can include legumes in your diet. Some leguminous foodstuffs like lentils, peanuts, and peas can improve the lysine levels and control the blisters. Also, it possesses a high value of nutrients like protein, fiber, B-vitamins, iron, and folate. Such factors help in reducing viral inflammatory responses and herpetic sores. On top of this, it may help in lowering blood sugar levels and keeps you healthy throughout.

  1. Beef

If you’re unable to find a suitable foodstuff rich in lysine, then you might try out the beef recipes. It possesses a variety of nutrients like riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Along with this, the high-lysine content helps in keeping the herpetic symptoms at bay. Make sure to include the meals loaded with beef in your diet for relief from sores and blisters of herpes.

Final Verdict

Viral infections are quite challenging to treat due to the lack of antiviral therapy. One of the most common infections, i.e., herpes, affects people worldwide. Also, it occurs in two forms, mainly type 1 and type 1. While type 1 incorporates oral sores, type 2 deals with genital issues. In both cases, you can try out the superfoods rich in lysine that prevent herpetic symptoms. Start with the dietary intake of spirulina and CBD to manage your immune responses.


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