Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For Herpes


Ever since CBD came into the limelight, people have been trying to find new benefits and uses. It has now emerged as a popular alternative treatment for various health troubles, both physical and psychological. With its therapeutic properties, CBD oil has the potential to treat many diseases without any side effects. Herpes is the new edition to the long list of ailments that CBD can treat.

Are you wondering how it can benefit people with herpes? Read on to learn more about using the oil for treating this condition.

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What is CBD oil?

Whether you have used it before or not, you might have heard or read about CBD oil. But do you know what it is? CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the many chemical compounds that come from the cannabis plant. It is safe to use since it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which will not get you high. CBD has managed to become a household name owing to the many therapeutic properties.

Manufacturers use a rigorous extraction method that comprises Co2 to get pure CBD from the plants. They add a carrier oil to the extract to make CBD oil. There are plenty of ways to use CBD, but when it comes to treating herpes, CBD oil can be the most effective way. You can get it from a dispensary or order it here



What is herpes?

Many people think herpes is just one condition or disease, but it is a virus family. Herpes is a highly contagious and chronic condition that can lead to sores on the genitals and your mouth. It results from an infection that happens with the HSV or Herpes Simple Virus. There are two types of herpes:

· HSV1, which causes oral herpes affecting the mouth as well as surrounding skin

· HSV2, which causes genital herpes which transmits sexually

It is a common virus that affects people globally, with 67% of people having HSV1 infection and 11% of people suffering from HSV2. If you have herpes, you can have symptoms like – pain and itching, fever, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes.


How CBD oil benefits people who have herpes?

Although there is no cure for herpes, there are medications available to help curb the symptoms. CBD oil is proving to be an effective solution for this condition. Here are a few ways in which CBD oil can help you combat herpes:

1. Prevent breakouts:

Since it is an incurable disease, herpes keeps on flaring up during specific circumstances that one goes through in life. It is easy for herpes to break out, again and again, leading to active sores. CBD oil may help clear up the active sores and also prevent them from happening in the future.


2. Works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral agent:

There are two types of medicines used for herpes: anti-inflammatories and anti-virals. The cannabinoid CBD is an effective anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent, which can help a person suffering from herpes. Using CBD oil can help with both these issues without causing any side effects.

3. Boosts immune system:

Whenever a herpes breakout happens during stress, menstruation, or starting a new medication, the virus attacks tissues present in the mucous membrane. The mouth and genitals have moist mucous membranes, which is why these areas are prone to sores. In this situation, the immune system of the body starts fighting against the attack from the virus.

When you use CBD oil, the cannabinoids can interact with the endocannabinoid system. The system is responsible for plenty of bodily functions, including immunity. The cannabinoids can enhance the receptors present in your body cells, which regulate and maintain internal homeostasis. It can help keep the herpes breakouts under control and ensure you have better well being. Due to the role of the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil could also help with pain and discomfort.

4. Alleviates anxiety:

Suffering from a chronic condition like this can induce stress and anxiety. CBD can work as an anti-anxiety agent as well. It can help calm your body and mind, making you feel relaxed. Many people who have herpes also combat Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), where people start having trouble with routine social interactions. CBD oil may help control social anxiety disorder symptoms and give you a much-needed confidence boost to interact with people.


Final thoughts

Even though herpes is a common ailment, it comes with a social stigma that can hamper the patients' life. For such people, CBD oil has emerged as a better and effective treatment for their condition. From boosting the immune system to suppressing the frequent herpes breakouts, CBD oil can make life a little better.

If you have herpes and wish to try CBD oil for it, now is the time. Consult your doctor today and incorporate it into your life!

We believe that CBD is fundamental when it comes to living a balanced life with herpes. And we believe it so much that we started a product line that has specific herpes fighting ingredients including essential oils and CBD to help combat a herpes outbreak. Check out our product line.

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