How to Date with Confidence: Dr. Aziz Gazipura

How To Date Confidently With A Herpes Diagnosis. An Interview with Dr. Aziz Gazipura blog with Alexandra Harbushka

On this episode of Life With Herpes I had the honor of interviewing the world's leading confidence coach, Dr.Aziz Gazipura. Perhaps you’ve heard of him and perhaps you listen to his podcast, Shrink for the Shy Guy.   

Dr. Aziz and I had such a great time diving deep and getting into the emotional side of a diagnosis. We talk about how there really is no way to prepare yourself to get the call from your doctor and so we don’t know how to react and act. Therefore we go into a crisis mode and it can be a downward spiral post diagnosis. 

The key point we talk about is how to get out of the trap of thinking of what society wants you to do. Dr. Aziz calls it unconditional self confidence and it’s a forced challenge to cultivate a whole new level of you. This new you is only activated because of the challenge or crisis that you went through. 

So how do we handle our challenges?  Well our challenges are our invitations to transform and unfortunately they come in ways of pain. The secret sauce is in our confidence. We want to snap our fingers and have the change happen overnight but the empowerment happens by going through the trenches and peeling back the layers one at a time. 

We talk about how the rejection part is actually a huge part of it and it’s a really important part of our transformation.   We have to have the rejection in order to have the transformation take place. Basically we have to get used to it and embrace it.  

Also, I ask Dr. Aziz a very sought after question. I asked him when should we tell our partner and I have to say, I learned a lot from his answer. Dr. Aziz says that you need to look at yourself and see why you feel the need to tell the person. So for example, if you’re telling the person right up front before you even go on a date then you’re trying to protect yourself from getting hurt. So really it’s a self defense mechanism and that self defense mechanism might be hurting you in the long run. What he suggests is to tell your partner or date or whatever you guys are when you feel that that you have a connection and there’s some sort of commitment. So you need to tune into hear the entire conversation and hear what he has to say. 

If you want to read the entire interview I had it transcribed and you can go here to read it as well as listen to it. 


And as we know telling your partner is one of the hardest things you can do. I get it. So that’s why I created a Tell Your Partner Toolkit. It walks you through how, why, when and what to say. So if this is something you’re about to do check out the Tell Your Partner Toolkit.


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