What It's Like To Date Someone With Herpes

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Four Responses You'll Get When You Tell Someone You Have Herpes

Life With Herpes.com has been used as a resource for people who are dating someone with herpes or want to date someone with herpes. The good news is now all the information is at our fingertips and there’s a community there to help. 

This situation of liking someone with herpes comes up a lot. It’s not as uncommon as you think considering that one out of six people have HS2 and two out of three have HSV1. There are many couples where one has the virus and the other does not. So don’t think you have to find someone who has you’re the same virus. 

Anyway, when you’re in the shoes of not having herpes and your partner has “the herpes talk” the ball is now in your court. Here’s the great news, your partner cares about you and wanted to be open and honest and told you. It’s a really hard conversation for us with herpes to have so make sure you acknowledge that tender conversation. 

With the information you’ve now received it’s up to you to take that information and decide how you want to process it. There’s a couple of ways this could go.

  1. It’s a this is awesome because I have herpes too
  2. It’s an immediate no 
  3. It’s a maybe and let me learn more
  4. It’s an I don’t care  

Ok the obvious two best cases are either if you both have herpes or if you just don’t care. But I’m guessing because you’re reading this you do care and you don’t have herpes. 

Here’s what I’m going to suggest you do. It’s going to be important that you have all the information you need. I recommend going to our FAQ page where we have just about every question imaginable. Read through there and get your questions answered. It’s important to know about the herpes virus and how it will affect or not affect your life. I’ve had people break up with people because they assumed one thing or another about their herpes virus and come to find out they actually had it too and didn’t know it was the same thing. So, the moral of the story education is knowledge. 

Also, this is a great time for you and your potential partner to go and get tested. You never know, you may have herpes and don’t even know it. It happens all the time. Oh and if you get cold sores..yeah, that’s herpes. So it’s important that you get tested and know where you both stand before you get between the sheets. 

At the end of the day, herpes or not, having sex with someone is a big deal. Yes, we’re in the casual sex era but it’s still a big deal and with that being said coming in contact with the wrong viruses can change your life and have a major impact on your health. So, take this seriously and go get tested with your partner.  

Now you have to decide if this person is worth the risk or not. In any relationship, there is “something” that you have to make a decision on. There’s something that you weren’t planning on and you get to make that decision if it’s worth it for you. 

Just remember to fall in love like you’ve never been hurt. 

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