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It's important to know where you're vibrator and sex toys have been and what material they're made out of.

Vibrators are a $1 billion dollar market in the U.S. alone, one in two women get their buzz on, and 81% of women have brought one into bed with their guy. If you or your partner brings a toy into the bedroom, it’s important to not only know your partner’s history – but also that toy’s history.

Ok so as you know I talk about sex and herpes and the best way’s to protect yourself and of course your partner. But today I’m getting out of my comfort zone and talking about sex toys.

Ok so here’s the skinny on the vibrator world. It’s a $1billion  dollar market in the US alone. And in 2020 it’s projected to be $30billion dollar marked worldwide! That’s crazy! Ok here’s the other thing 50% of women get their buzz on and 81% of women bring them into the bedroom with their partner. So let’s face it sex toys are not going away and if anything they are just getting more popular and accepted. YES!!!!

Ok but let’s get back to herpes. Can your sex toy transmit herpes?

The short and quick answer is...yes. But here’s why and let me explain.

First, before we get going we need to talk about two types of vibrators. There are porous and non-porous types of material. Just thinking about it porous means that there’s open spaces or holes and non-porous means that it's all sealed and not as open. So what that means for you and your sex toy is a non-porous toy is going to be your most sanitary and not as likely to let things grow in there. Meanwhile, porous vibrators can trap bacteria and dirt and once it’s in there you really can’t get it out.

Let’s break down the most common types of sex toy nonporous materials:

  1. Silicone - This material can be soft or firm but look for 100% silicone for the safest aka. Cleanest material
  2. ABS Hard Plastic - It's normally hard and easy to clean. Fewer hibijibes can get in there
  3. Glass - Well we know what glass is and it’s also super easy to clean
  4. Metal - This is also easy to clean and a hard surface
  5. Stones or Wood - they can be both porous and nonporous but you would want to find ones that have been sealed or treated.

Ok, so what this means for us is we need to make sure that we clean the vibrators before and after use. This will keep them as clean as possible and make sure that we cut down on the STI or herpes transmission.  Also, we want to prevent possible UTI’s and yeast infections too.

But back to herpes and sex toys and transmission. If you're partner or you have herpes then it’s important that you, of course, disclose to them. Obvi. But it’s important that you’re aware that the toy can also act as a vehicle for transmission. Some people like to use condoms on their vibrators for easy cleaning and lessen the risk but if that's not your jam then no worries. If you’re using you’re vibrator with multiple people make sure that your sexual health is discussed and for best practice methods wash it between people.

Ok, so this was a fun one today... definitely out of my comfort zone...if you want some suggestion on the safest vibrators head over to my Amazon store.

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