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Everyone Has Their Own Trigger For Herpes Outbreaks.  

Obviously, if we have herpes we want to do everything in our power to prevent another outbreak. Right?

Of course, as I’ve discussed time and time again, we’re all different. Some people will get an initial outbreak and then never have another one. Some people are asymptomatic and either they don’t know they have herpes or justs never have outbreaks. And others get them all the time. Now, I don’t know how some people can be asymptomatic, that’s a secret we all want to know but I do know some key things that play a role.

Let’s talk about some triggers and some possible changes we can make in our day to day life.


Immune System, Stress & Diet


Immune System

Our immune system is probably one of the most intricate and important functions in our body. Our immune system basically dictates whether we can go to that fun party on Friday night or travel or basically enjoy what life has to offer. When we’re run down or worse are sick we don’t get to go out an enjoy life. Our health is the key to life and with that so’s our immune system. If you are like me and were raised in the ’80s and ’90s at the time our medical professionals gave us antibiotics for basically anything and everything. While antibiotics are awesome and save lives they also can be overprescribed and even do some harm on our immune system. There is good bacteria that is essential to our overall health. If that’s missing then our body can’t do what it needs to do to keep us healthy. The best thing is to have your vials tested and see if you have any deficiencies in your system. This all is woven together and affects your immune system do if your deficient in a mineral or vitamin it can really help get you to your strongest. Take daily vitamins, our soil is so depleted and we as a whole eat so much processed food that it’s hard for us to get the vitamins and nutrients that we need from just our food. And finally where you’ll see huge changes is if you add a daily probiotic. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your gut and keeps away the bad bacteria and helps keep our immune system healthy. I’ve linked the one that I use but when you go to your local health food store ask the vitamin specialist which one is right for you and your needs.


Stress is something we hear about all the time. Yet in a way, it’s hard to measure stress. It’s almost like it’s this invisible thing that you carry around with you. We all have stress and stress can be a good thing but if it gets to be too much it can reach havoc on our lives and our health. Stress can be cause for things like heart disease, asthma, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, depression, premature aging, and even death. Not to mention other hardships it can cause on you or your family. So stress can cause outbreaks. The really good thing about this is that we can know when our bodies are stressed to the max. Herpes is like our own little stress indicator. No outbreaks then stress must be low or under control. Outbreak after Outbreak must mean you’re pushing yourself to the max. Learning to let things go and not add the stress to your plate will have a huge effect on your outbreaks. Try meditation, taking daily walks, doing your best to pinpoint what actually stresses you out and compartmentalize it.


This is another big deal in people like you and me who have herpes. Really, diet is a key ingredient in our lives. We all know that whole, organic, real foods are better for us and processed, preservatives and fake food aren’t. But with our busy schedules and being on the go fast food and unhealthy food is just easy. Not to mention it tastes good. I mean who doesn’t love In n out? There are some foods that you can keep an eye on and do your best to have in moderation. These foods either are triggers for outbreaks or they are linked to lowering our immunosystem. These are foods like fast food, fried food, nuts, peanuts, chocolate, sugar, processed foods, coconut, and starchy foods. I go into more detail on this post if you want the nitty-gritty. But the bottom line does your best to fuel yourself with real foods. Your body will never be upset with fresh orange or a fresh summer salad.

Like I mentioned earlier I don’t have the secret recipe to getting rid of herpes outbreaks forever but I do know some key things that will increase your outbreaks. I hope you take a second to look over your lifestyle and see how you’re doing with your immune system, the stress you have in your life and look at your diet. If you need resources in any of these areas feel free to reach out and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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