115: How Long Does A Herpes Outbreak Typically Last


Ok let’s get right to it. When we get outbreaks we want them gone ASAP!

Why? Because they hurt...duh and they bring up all of the bad stuff that we’ve either not processed or that we’ve forgotten about. Outbreaks are time that we go back and remember that ex or get mad at ourselves for that one night stand and they create anxiety and even depression.

So the faster we can get the outbreak heald then we can get back to our normal beautiful life and not thinking about our ex.

Back to how long herpes outbreaks last.

To answer vaguely…it depends. Now hold on a sec while I explain.

It’s going to vary based on how long you’ve had herpes, your lifestyle and if you were able to treat the virus at the first onset of the outbreak.

Let me break it down. If it’s your first outbreak, firstly I’m sorry. Secondly, you need to know that this will be the worst outbreak. Your body is in utter disarray and is under attack by the HSV virus. This outbreak will last about 2 weeks and could lagger on for a few more days. Usually when it’s your first time you don’t get your antiviral in your system until a couple of days into the outbreak so then it takes longer to heal. Also, because you probably didn’t know it was herpes you didn't apply anything to the area to help it heal up. Thinks like Soar Supplements or coconut oil etc. Expect this outbreak to be your longest and your most uncomfortable.  

Back to that lifestyle thing… there’s a couple of lifestyle choices that play a huge role.  

Lifestyle plays a role on way more than we want it to. So of course lifestyle is going to play a role on our herpes outbreaks and the length of your outbreaks. What we tend to forget about is when we have outbreaks we’re actually sick. Now unlike getting the flu or a cold they pretty much force you to stay home and stay in bed getting a herpes outbreak doesn’t give us a stuffy nose or really change our day. However what we forget about is our body and the immune system is on overdrive to keep you from getting something else. In other words when we have an outbreak and we go out to the bars with a 2:00 am burrito or hit up a spin class or stay up late to get our work done we are doing a huge disservice to ourselves. When we do these things our outbreak will hang around longer. I mean… why wouldn't it, you just gave it an excuse to have a party in your body. If you take care of your body and yourself then your outbreak will probably last from 4 - 7 days.

Then the final ingredients that will determine how long your outbreak hangs around for will be when you took your pill. If you get the antiviral in your system within the first couple of hours vs. days then your recovery will be greatly improved. The antiviral starts working right away to make the virus dormant in your system. So if you get the antiviral in within hours then a lot of times you can prevent the outbreak from even happening. Otherwise, you can have an outbreak for a couple of days like 2-4.

So the key things to remember when you're having an outbreak are to rest, fuel your body with good foods and take your initial.

If you’re looking for more information on what to eat when you’re having an outbreak to speed up your recovery. Go here. And here’s some of the symptoms you might be feeling with your first outbreak.



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