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Welcome to today’s episode on Life With Herpes. As always, thank you for joining me and spending your time watching/listening/and or reading.  I take some time to let you know what is going on in my life. I actually have moved to Las Vegas so if you are watching this you get to see my new kitchen. Thanks for baring with me as I figure out the acoustics, angels and the best location for recording

Today I go a little off track and talk about HIV and the link between HIV and herpes. I do want you to know that I am not an expert when it comes to talking about HIV but I want to make sure you are educated on this to prevent yourself from becoming infected or from infecting a partner.

What is HIV? HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus and it weakens the infected person's immune system and eventually killing them. When the HIV scare first came out it was an automatic death sentence but now has technology has progressed and we have more knowledge regarding the virus there is a treatment for this. I mean look at Magic Johnson! HIV is spread through bodily fluids such as; blood, semen, pre-seminal fluids, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. In other words, having unprotected sex with an HIV + partner can infect you with the virus.

Here is the link between HIV and herpes and why I wanted to bring it to your attention. As you and I know, genital herpes can cause sores or papercuts like breaks in the skin or on mouth, vagina, and rectum. The genital sores caused by herpes can bleed easily as well as they are open areas for other viruses or bacteria to get in. When the sores come into contact with the mouth, vagina, or rectum during sex, they increase the risk of giving or getting HIV if you or your partner has HIV. So in other words having a herpes outbreak can make you more susceptible to contracting other viruses such as HIV.

Make sure you use protection such as a latex condom as well has have a conversation with your partner when it comes to your sexual health.

For more information on HIV please visit these websites:

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