064: #AskAlexandra Can I still have sex if I have herpes?

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Life With Herpes


Welcome to today’s episode of Life With Herpes. I am recording this on Halloween so you will hear some trick o treaters, my fiance watching the world series and I am drinking a glass of wine while recording this. So it is a funny and different setting for me to record an episode.

Today’s episode is a #AskAlexandra comes from Amanda in Queensbury NY. Her question is, “can I still have sex if I have herpes?” YES...YES….YES! The last thing that I want you to do is to become celibate and live a life punishing yourself or feeling like you are an outcast. Please don’t go down that path. If you are feeling that way then please reach out to me.  But with that said, because there is a little virus you need to take some precautions and have some conversations. Having these conversations is really positive.  It requires you to get familiar with your body and communicate with your partner. It requires you to say hey I feel like I have an outbreak coming on maybe we should get creative.

The best ways to protect passing herpes to your partner is using a condom and taking the anti-viral. This is not 100% in preventing the virus from being passed but it will lessen your chances.

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