004: Your Herpes Virus Wants To Go On Vacay Too with Alexandra Harbushka

Vacation an outbreak and time to get creative!


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Welcome to Life With Herpes, I’m excited you are here! Whether it's for yourself or for a loved one I appreciate you being with me on the show. Vacations are a time meant for fun, freedom, and relaxation. But they are also the ideal setting for a herpes outbreak so today we talk about how to be prepared when you travel, and what you can do to potentially prevent an outbreak while on vacay. You’ll hear that and more on episode 4 of Life With Herpes.

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I'm sure you can guess why I came up with this as a topic for the show: I just went on vacation and I had an outbreak. Of course, right?! You’ve probably had it happen too; you make plans for your first vacay with your lover, or you make honeymoon plans, or some other type of vacation arrangements to get away relax and enjoy yourself only to have an outbreak.

Because I’ve been in that spot before here's what I like to travel with, whether or not I am having an outbreak: I have my anti-viral pills, I use valacyclovir. That pill zaps it right away. For example, I was on my vacation and was away from the resort for lunch. I sat down and immediately thought "No! No way, that's just not possible!". By the time I finished lunch I knew I had an outbreak. So I took the valacyclovir as soon as possible because it can even prevent a full-on outbreak if taken fast enough. I had to wait six hours but that was still pretty quick, I never got an outbreak!

I also pack a few essential oils like tea tree oil (otherwise known as melaleuca). Tea tree oil has a lot of antiviral and antiseptic qualities so it helps your body heal the outbreak area faster. Lavender oil also helps heal the skin too.

When I have an outbreak there are the cautionary methods I use so I don't pass it on, I recommend you use these methods as well. I wash my hands after touching a blister or the outbreak area. And I wash with warm water and soap, singing the happy birthday song so I know I am washing your hands long enough. And I also wash under my fingernails too, you don't want the virus on your hands and for it to be spread to another part of your body or to someone else.

If you normally sleep nude then sleep with underwear on during an outbreak, it’s what I do.

And although this is obvious I'll say it anyway, don't have sex, especially if your partner doesn't have it. Don't have sex, don't masturbate.


Tweetable:  “You can be very intimate without traditional sex.” - Alexandra Harbushka

I know it's hard when you're on vacation because vacation is the perfect setting for intimacy! You have time, you are alone, you are relaxed - all of that makes for great sexy time together. But instead of sex, get creative. You can give the other person oral sex (you can’t receive it). You can make out instead, making out can be very sexy and fun! Get out of your normal routine and pattern, mix things up and be creative in your sexual expression with your partner.


Today I also talk about why you should tell your partner as soon as you have an outbreak or think you may have one, as well as some of the reasons traveling and vacations are the perfect settings for a herpes outbreak. Find out what those reasons are on the fourth episode of Life With Herpes!


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