002: Careful what you wish for with Alexandra Harbushka

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Essential Oil Remedies For An Outbreak


Welcome to Life With Herpes, thank you for being here. I’m always looking into the latest on herpes: research statistics, exploring home remedies and just generally staying on top of what’s going on with the virus.


Today I’m going to share three of my favorite oils to use during an outbreak, how they’ve been working for me and how they might help you too. Listen in to hear what the oils are and how to use them on episode 2 of Life with Herpes.


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Recently I was looking for some new home remedies to try so I could pass them on to you, when I had the thought that I hadn’t had an outbreak in awhile nor did I feel one coming on. Then I heard myself wish for an outbreak so I could try these at-home solutions!

Now who in the world wishes for an outbreak?! No one! But part of me had made that wish and as you may have guessed, I had an outbreak.

If you’re like you're probably familiar with the symptoms and you know what triggers an outbreak in you. For me I get exhausted and a day or two later I have an outbreak. But that wasn't the case this time! I'm on day two or three of it, and I'm utterly exhausted now. Usually, it's the other way around: exhaustion first and then an outbreak.


One of the things I've always done during an outbreak is to use tea tree oil (it's also called melaleuca). I like it because it smells so clean. It's important to keep the outbreak area as dry and clean as possible, and this oil helps with that a lot. Tea tree oil is known to kill many strains of viruses, bacteria, and fungus so it’ll help kill off whatever it can in your outbreak area.


A new oil I've been using is lavender. I recently burned my hand and wanted something to help it stay clean and heal, when someone recommended lavender. It healed the burn practically overnight!


So I wondered what it would do for an outbreak. Now I've been adding lavender oil to the tea tree oil and it's really soothing to the irritated skin, plus it reduces anxiety and helps you stay calm.


A third oil I like to add is myrrh, it has anti-fungal properties and promotes healthy skin. Plus it gives a nice, soothing sensation to your skin. This oil and the other two are all antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial.


I tried all three of these oils during this outbreak and I think they helped shorten the duration of it, and made they made it a lot milder.


And I’ll add you can use peppermint oil once you get to the itching point of your outbreak, it really helps.


If you’re wondering what brand to use I swear by DoTerra; I am obsessed with them! I've used other essential oils and these are my favorite; they are so pure you can consume them. Even if you don't have an outbreak right now you will have another one so you can nip it in the bud next time! Let me know if you use these oils and if they help you. Thank you for being here on episode 2 of Life with Herpes!


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