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 Living Life with an STD

Welcome to our inaugural show! As you may have guessed from the title of the show we’re talking about life with herpes. We’re going to talk about herpes and we’re going to talk about it a lot!   On our first episode, I’ll be sharing with you what this podcast is all about, what you can expect to hear and how often, and a secret resource I’ve created for you. Join me and check it out on episode zero of Life With Herpes.  

More About This Show

Personally, I know what it's like to have herpes, and to live with it. Since you are here I'm assuming you have it or someone you love has it, and now you want to know more. You want to know how to live with it, or how to connect and talk about it with the person in your life who has it.   Believe me when I tell you I've had all the thoughts and questions you have had or are having: how am I going to live with this? Will anyone ever love me again? Will I ever have sex again? Will I ever be kissed again?   It's an emotional roller coaster, a really big one. And that’s why I’ve created this show: to help you through the ups and downs, to let you know you are not alone.     What I don't want is for you to feel like you are on your own the way I thought I was, I want to spare you that experience. Of course I knew I wasn't the only person living iwth it but I didn't feel like I could talk about herpes with anyone because of the stigma around it. I thought I'd be looked at differently, even judged and I felt ashamed and disgusting. And on top of it I felt alone. But now that you are here you are not alone. You will have several episodes a week to help guide you through everyday life questions (how to live with it, how to talk about it, home remedies that work and don’t work). There will also be episodes where you’ll hear from experts in the field about the latest in research and advancements.   In all of this I want you to feel like you have a friend and family member along with you on this journey. This is a show for you and your experience with herpes: we're going to learn, laugh and cry together. We'll even talk about having outbreaks, because where else and who else can you talk to about outbreaks?! You can talk to me and everyone in this community, that’s who and what’s where. Check out today’s show to hear more details about upcoming episodes, and to find out how to connect with the secret Facebook community and why no one outside of that group will know when you join us. You are safe with us in that group and you are safe here! Thanks for listening, I’m glad we’re on this journey together.  

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster.” - Alexandra Harbushka


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