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This is by far one of the best things you can do for yourself ever…not to mention especially when you  have a herpes outbreak.

You might have watched the last few videos or read a few of the blog posts as I’ve talked about the Secret Society Wellness products that were created specifically for people living with herpes outbreaks. But in case you haven’t heard of the Secret Society Wellness, let me tell you. The first product we came out with was the SPF Lifesaver Lip Balm. I can remember launching it when I was pregnant. Anyway, we got so much great feedback and everyone loved the nourishing lip balm that also has ingredients that helped with preventing herpes outbreaks we couldn't keep it in stock. So moving on to now, there are 11 products and 9 of them are specifically formulated to help fight herpes outbreaks. 

Here’s why they are so amazing.

There are essential oils in the ingredients that can help with wound repair, soothe skin, help with pain, that are antiviral and even disrupt the herpes virus. Then we add other calming and nourishing ingredients to help with anti-inflammatory and beneficial outcomes. Thus we have our Secret Society Wellness, herpes fighting products! Even if you don’t have herpes you’ll love them.

Ok but back to the Recovery Soak benign the best thing ever.

I have to confess, I don't take enough baths. I’m being a total hypocrite right now but I know the benefits of taking a soak. You see, Epsom salts can reduce pain, soreness, stress and also add minerals back into our bodies. The salts and the soak calm our nervous system which is very important to us. (source) The herpes virus lives in our nervous system and when our nervous system is on over drive is when we can and most likely will get herpes outbreaks. So therefore we need to take more Recovery Soak Baths.

Without further ado let me share with you why the Recovery Soak is so powerful. The few times I jump in the tub with prodrome symptoms or a full blown outbreak I have always felt better, calmer, the annoying pain and itch has lessened and my outbreak feels like it heals up faster. That is exactly what the ingredients are formulated to do. This soak will take the edge off during a herpes outbreak and during hectic times. The combination of salts, essential oils and CBD are combined to replenish the body with electrolytes, allow your nervous system to relax and provide recovery support for your herpes outbreak or just a turbulent day. Chamomile oil, oregano oil and geranium oil are working together to soothe and clean the skin or open sores. The little extra kick with 100 mg of CBD might help put you into a relaxing state. All things we want. 

You can pour the entire Recovery Soak in or you can split it up. Whatever you desire. Personally I like to use the salts to exfoliate my skin. Oh and make sure you drink plenty of water water while soaking, unlike me who likes to drink wine. 

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Let me know how your body, mind and outbreak feels after your soak. 


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