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Secret Society Lip Balm

The Lip Balm You've Been Waiting For...

If you have herpes then you know how painful, itchy, and tingly an outbreak can be. This is why we wanted to develop something to eliminate all the annoying symptoms of a herpes cold sore outbreak and prevent future outbreaks in the process. We did this by combining two important ingredient into our recipe. Lysine is a known preventative supplement for the herpes virus. CBD oil is a pain-reliever, speeds up recovery time, reduces inflammation, and calms anxiety.

Let’s face it, this is the lip balm you will carry in every pocket. All other lip balms will remain at home in your drawer. They only wish they were as effective and amazing as ours. ;-)

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Product Description

Equal parts of super-hydration, super sun-protection to improve your recovery time from a herpes outbreak. Our organic, lip balm treats herpes outbreak pain, lessens inflammation and soothes your lips.  Our coconut oil and cocoa butter go deep beneath your outbreak blisters to moisturize and act as a natural SPF. While our infusion of CBD and lysine combats the herpes outbreak topically and promotes rapid healing. 


Cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, raspberry seed oil, CBD isolate, lysine, peppermint oil. 

How to use

Apply the lip balm directly to your lips. You can use this daily to prevent herpes outbreaks or as needed during a herpes outbreak. The Secret Society CBD Lip Balm ingredients will help with the pain associated with herpes lesions and speed up recovery time. 

Secret Society CBD Lip Balm

What Is Secret Society CBD Lip Balm?

Our Secret Society CBD Lip Balm is uniquely designed to lessen your herpes outbreak symptoms. Our team has hand-picked and handmade the CBD-infused lip balm that includes key ingredients to combat your herpes outbreak. Lysine, an essential amino acid, may help slow down the growth of the herpes virus which is helpful before, during, and after an outbreak. CBD is also infused to reduce inflammation, improve recovery time and have a positive impact on your stress levels by lessening your anxiety.

Why do I need Secret Society CBD Lip Balm?

There is no other product out there on the market that has combined herpes-fighting ingredients as well as CBD to lessen the pain and help soothe on all levels. This is an SPF, moisturizing, Lysine and CBD-infused lip balm that can be used daily to fight against outbreaks both current and preventative. Meanwhile, you’ll be getting hydration to your lips and the CBD will help calm any situation. Win-win all around!

I don’t have oral herpes will this help my genital outbreak?

Yes! You can use it on your genital outbreak too.

Here’s the deal: the CBD isolate in our Secret Society CBD Lip Balm will help you with your anxiety or depression and help you manage your stress level. Typically stress is the cause of an outbreak so the CBD in the lip balm will lessen your mood swings and get you back to a normal level. There have been studies to prove this! Yay science! 

If you get genital outbreaks as well as oral outbreaks, we recommend buying two (2) Secret Society CB Lip Balms to designate one for your genital region and one for your oral region. You can use something like glitter nail polish or marker and tape to distinguish between the two. This will ensure there’s no back and forth gross stuff going on. Ya, know?

Will I get high from the CBD in the Lip Balm?

No, you won’t get high! Our CBD oil has no THC. You can tell your mom the brownies are safe! ;-)

How Much CBD is in the Lip Balm?

The lip balm is 0.15 oz and a total of 25 mg of CBD is infused in the balm.

How Much Lysine is in the Lip Balm?

The lip balm is 0.15 oz and 100 mg of lysine is infused in the balm.

How does this benefit my herpes outbreak?

During an outbreak, your lips need moisture and all the healing they can get. While the lysine and SPF can help prevent future outbreaks, the CBD oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, and coconut oil are excellent sources of the moisturizing and rejuvenation the your lips need while recovering speedily from an outbreak.

Is the Lip Balm SPF?

Yes, this is very important. Exposure to the sun is a trigger for new outbreaks. Your lips will kiss the ground you walk on for buying our Secret Society CBD Lip Balm with 30 SPF.

How often should I use the Secret Society CBD Lip Balm?

You can use the lip balm as often as you like. The lip balm will nourish your lips and help protect you from herpes outbreaks. Use as desired, which will be a lot.

What's This Special Pricing All About?

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Cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, raspberry seed oil, lysine, CBD isolate and peppermint oil. All ingredients are certified organic. Handmade in the USA.