Why You Should Have Sex Even If You Have Herpes

Why You Should Have Sex Even If You Have Herpes - alexandra harbushka

Benefits of Having Sex Even with a Herpes Diagnosis 

On the day you’re diagnosed with herpes the absolutely last thing on your mind is having sex. Unless you’re playing through your head who you had sex with and how you got herpes. But the idea of moving on and having sex with either your current partner or a new partner is not even on your mind. 

Let’s face it, you’re in excruciating pain and probably can’t even sit down, you are in emotional pain from learning that you have an STD that will be with you for life, you’re in shock and don’t know what your diagnosis means, and you’re probably pretty upset at the person who gave you herpes. 

So back to even thinking about sex or thinking that you can have sex and that you’d even enjoy having sex does not seem like an option. 

So I can say that you will have sex again. It will feel good again. You will be able to date and fall in love and have someone be attracted to you even though you have herpes. I’ve shared my story with you before and shared how I was in such a dark, angry, painful place after my herpes diagnosis. I thought that I had to settle for my relationship and stay with the person I was dating because we both had herpes. I thought that nobody would love me or want to have sex with me because I had herpes. It took me lot’s of inner work, time, trust and perseverance to get the courage to move on and become who I’ve become. That’s why I created Life With Herpes. 

So moving on and giving you some reasons to get out of your dark place and to give you some reasons to have a sexy romp session.  

7 Reasons You Should Be Having Sex

  1. Exercise - Sex requires physical activities and that can be considered exercise. Sex raises your heart rate and can be compared to as taking a bike ride or a quick walk. Staying active is always a good thing so why not do something that feels good at the same time.
  2. Pain Relief - sex can help with pain relief. Our bodies natural painkillers aka endorphins are released during sex and of course with a climax or orgasm so when that happens you can actually be lessening any pain that you might be feeling in your body
  3. Lowers stress - Sex can lower your stress levels and people who have regular sex are better in stressful situations. What is also interesting you need a partner and mastrubation doesn’t could for lowering stress. 
  4. Makes you happy - It feels like everything is just better after you have sex and it makes you and your partner happier. Scientist studied couples who have sex just once a week are in general happy. And who doesn’t want to be happier?
  5. Stronger connection with your partner - Oxytocin is released in our brains when we have sex and that little hormone sparks feelings of love, intimacy, connection, affection with your partner. 
  6. Mental Health - It’s shown that adults in a committed relationship who have more sex are less likely to be depressed, have anxiety or suffer from mental illness. 
  7. Helps You Sleep - Sleep is such a good thing and when there are times you can’t sleep you realize how precious sleep is. Sex released the endorphins and oxytocin that help you relax and doze off into dream land. 

All of these reasons are excellent reasons to have sex regularly. I know that outbreaks can get in the way and you know what, that’s ok. So does a business trip, a cold and or maybe you and your partner are on opposite schedules. But working around it and making sex a priority in your relationship and your life are all good things for your health and your partners health. 

I talk about sex and sexual health on a recent Life With Herpes Podcast interview with Dr. Sami Longo-Disse. She’s a former sex worker, a psychologist and a sexological bodyworker who goes into depth on all of this. If you’re interested in this topic then you should check out her interview here. 

Also, speaking of Sami, she’ll be speaking at our next Life With Herpes retreat so you’ll want to hear and speak and of course have the opportunity to ask her questions. Below you can book your seat for our upcoming LWH Retreat!  (yay) 

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