LWH Secret Society "Virtual" Retreat 2020

August 22-23

9:00 am - 12:00 pm (pacific time)

Join Us From Your Sofa

meet your favorite community members & leave inspired!


Expert Speakers
Really Good Food
Poolside Hangouts

You Are Not Alone.

Everyone at this retreat will have felt at least one of these at one time in their life:

  • You feel like a leper
  • No one is dating you
  • You get rejected every time you tell someone
  • You want to live a life that you love
  • Nobody will have sex with you
  • Nobody else has Herpes but you

Join Us Virtually for a Weekend!

Because we can't meet in person you'll have to do it from your sofa but you can still celebrate your Secret Society friendships! You'll get an experience you'll never forget and a community you won't ever have to leave behind!


Bill Gaylord

Alexandra's husband opens up about what it's like being married to someone with herpes (and who also talks about it a lot!)


Dr. John Martin, MD

Find the answers for your most intimate physical questions and advice directly from a trained professional.


Dr. Sami Longo-Disse

Former sex worker, now psychotherapist will speak on the emotional, physical, and social implications of living with herpes.


Dr. Brandy McGill

Discover a holistic and natural perspective to coping with, preventing, and healing herpes outbreaks.

Dance Instructor


Reclaim your sexy & take home the sexiest dance moves in Sin City! Your (future) partner(s) won't know what hit them!

Confidence & Dating Coach

Dr. Aziz 

Learn about self transformation from the best in the world. He'll be speaking on dating, disclosing, & overcoming the stigma. 

Because it's virtual we're going above and beyond to make it feel like we'er together. So you'll get a personalized goodie bag but we're not going to tell you everything that's in there because surprises are so fun.  Here's what you'll get in your goodie bag, aka you "bag of tricks". 

  • 30 Day's of Soar Supplements
  • Secret Society CBD Lip Balm
  • A t-shirt (but it's not just any t-shirt)
  • And so much more but you'll have to wait and be surprised. 



"With this group I feel safe."

LWH Secret Society member

"Thanks so much for creating this environment and allowing us to be open with each other without judgment."

"I seriously appreciate you."

LWH Secret Society member


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The last day to register is Aug 6th because we need time to assemble your bag of tricks







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Virtual Retreat


Doors Close On Aug 6th
Alexandra Harbushka Lifestyle, LLC.

“Just joined the Secret Society. Thank you to all of you for sharing your stories, advice, and confidence.”


Alexandra Harbushka Lifestyle, LLC.

“Thank you for being so positive when it’s so easy to feel negative with all this.”