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Ok, great news,  HerpAlert has some exciting new features and I can’t wait to share them with you all. As you know I absolutely love saying the name HerpAlert! But a quick refresher on HerpAlert in case you missed it or are new to the Life With Herpes community, HerpAlert’s an online herpes diagnosis and treatment resource. So if you’re wondering if you have herpes and want a clinical diagnosis ASAP you’d want to go to and fill out your symptoms, upload a picture of the infection and boom a doctor will be in touch with you within the hour. I dedicated an entire episode to this a while back so you can go here to reference it if you have any questions. Oh and use the promo code: lifewithherpes to save 10% on your treatment.

So the new cool feature HerpAlert’s come out with is an easy one-stop place for us folks living with herpes. 

Have you ever been in the situation where you got an outbreak and didn’t have your antiviral? Yep, me too. So then you immediately call your pharmacy to refill the prescription ASAP so your outbreak doesn’t get worse and then you hear on the other line, “we're sorry you’re out of refills.” Ok so then the next step is call your doctor, wait on hold, talk to the receptionist who takes a message, the message then goes to the bottom of the pile on your doctor’s desk and you get a call back 4 days later from the scheduling office letting you know that your doctor wants you to come in so he or she can see you to refill your prescription. So now you’re like WTF… I have a full blown outbreak and I need this medicine now! 

Sound familiar? Yep, we’ve all been there.

So here’s how HerpAlert’s solved this problem and made it easy for you and me. 

They now offer a monthly service where you can log back into your safe and secure member portal and update any changes that may have happened since your last refill and boom...a HerpAlert doctor will review your symptoms and refill your prescription within the hour!

This is super cool and super helpful because if you’re like me you don’t have the time nor do you want the headache of scheduling your appointment, then going in for your doctors visit and then waiting for your prescription to be filled. I mean that’s a ton of extra time wasted and you could be on the road to recovery.

Here’s a quick download of the HerpAlert monthly subscription benefits:

  • Your convenience and your time
  • You are a top priority to the HerpAlert doctors
  • Get your prescription refilled within 1 hour
  • Only one stop to pick up your prescription 
  • You get to connect with your HerpAlert doctor monthly and update them on any changes in your life


Alright so as you can see this is a miracle for us busy people with herpes. Just think about the ability to be able to connect with a doctor on your time and get the herpes treatment you need and want. Oh and I forgot to mention this monthly subscription is just $29 a month. Ok so go here to learn more and join. 

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