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Life With Herpes Podcast

On today’s episode of #AskAlexandra we answer Amanda’s  in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma she asks, “Is there a cure for herpes?”

The quick answer to this great question from Amanda is no, there is no cure for herpes.

This is because herpes is a virus, and viruses are with you for life. Bacteria, on the other hand, is something your body can fight off and eventually defeat. But viruses cannot be defeated so they are never cured.

Take chlamydia as an example, it's another STD. Chlamydia is a bacterial infection which means you can be cured, but it also means you can catch it again. Even though viruses cannot be cured the good news is their your symptoms lessen over time. The first time the virus attacks your body it is like a code red, but as you move on with life your body recognizes an outbreak before it happens and it knows how to respond and prevent it or lessen the severity of your symptoms. Once you begin to understand your body and you will learn to know when an outbreak is coming on. I talk more about it in this ebook I wrote, The 9 Seldomly Used But Incredibly Powerful Over The Counter Herpes Remedies.  Click here to download it.

More about herpes and viruses and what I wish I knew with my diagnosis

With 1 out of 6 people having HSV 2 and 2 out of 3 having HSV 1 there is a huge demand for this vaccine. However, as far as the herpes virus is concerned, right now there is no cure but we do have anti-virals. Anti-virals help the infection lie dormant and are a good way to decrease the chances of passing it on to others. Being on an anti-viral plus using a condom are the best ways to protect your sexual partners from receiving the herpes virus from you.

While there’s no cure today, the herpes community is working on a vaccine, specifically for HSV-1 and HSV-2. It’s important to understand that chicken pox, shingles, and Epstein-Barr (also known as mono) are also in the herpes family. So when you are searching for information about the herpes vaccine be careful of what you see, there are vaccines for these other disorders in the herpes family.

Wondering about the infamous vaccine? Aren't we all! Right now the vaccine for HSV-1 and HSV-2 is in stage 2. Stage 3 is clinical trials, and that stage takes the longest because scientists want to ensure the vaccine is safe for the  general public.

When I was first diagnosed I was devastated, of course, but I was also looking for ways to lessen the sting or ways to even speed up the healing. I really wish I had known about a lot of the over the counter remedies that are in this ebook. There are so many questions and unknowns when you first get diagnosed. Click here to download the ebook, The 9 Seldomly Used But Incredibly Powerful Over The Counter Herpes Remedies.

As always, I am very excited to be here with you on another #AskAlexandra episode! I love hearing the questions you send in for these episodes. If you want to join in the fun you can ask questions in our exclusive and private Slack group or you can send them to me by going to the Life With Herpes website.

Getting back to today’s question, it comes from Amanda in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

There’s the short and long answer to your question Amanda, thank you for sending it in for this edition of Life With Herpes. Thanks for being here, see you next time!

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