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So I think all the toolkits and products that we have are great but if I had to pick one I think this is such an informative toolkit. 

Our biggest fear once we’re diagnosed is dating. It’s the fear of rejection, it’s the how do I disclose, do I need to disclose and so on. All of these feelings questions and emotions are valid and an important part of the herpes journey. 

What I did and I don’t want to happen to you is feel stuck and or not put yourself out there. I stayed in a relationship with the guy I got herpes from because I didn’t have the confidence to move on nor did I know how to even begin the daunting process of disclosing to potential people. I was stuck in this Eeyore phase for 2 years and it was way too long. 

Like I said, I don’t want you to be stuck there so that’s why we have the Tell Your Partner Toolkit. I recorded this toolkit when I was 9 months pregnant so I was short of breath, but there are 14 videos that walk you through herpes disclosures. They range from telling a past partner, to telling a one night stand or someone casual and onto telling a partner that you want a future relationship with.  You will get the the knowledge, confidence and know exactly what to say to your partner. It doesn't matter if it's something casual, if you want more or if you're already in a relationship. You'll get immediate access to 14 videos, scripts you can download and all the information you'll need so you can disclose to your partner. 

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