Emergency Call

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So excited to talk about this because there are times when we have an emergency and need to talk to someone. 

This especially happens when you are first diagnosed with herpes. You hang up the phone from your doctor and then are like now what. Who do I talk to? What do I do? The worst thing is to start googling herpes and looking at the pictures. Eek! And then the second worse thing is to sit in your worry and let it consume you. 

I just opened up my schedule and added more days. I’m here for you Monday - Thursday.  

Here are some of the examples of why people have booked an emergency call with me;

  • you have a date coming up,
  • you were just diagnosed with herpes,
  • you know you have to tell your partner,
  • you have an outbreak and are freaking out,
  • you just started dating someone with herpes.

Talking to someone who’s been through it, lives it and totally gets what you’re going through will take you from crisis mode to feeling in control and living life with herpes.

I can’t wait to jump on an Emergency Call with you and get the crisis sorted out. 

Book Emergency Call with Alexandra


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