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The Secret Society Wellness Products are something that I have not done a great job of sharing with you. These are products that I formulated with specialists to create natural soothing solutions to people living with herpes outbreaks. We launched the first product in 2019 and now we have 11 different wellness products. 

So today I want to talk about the only lube that has been formulated to support people living with herpes. As we all know friction can cause outbreaks. The last thing we want is for sex to cause an annoying herpes outbreak. That’s why we created Explode. Oh and my husband came up with the name. Lol.

Our all natural lube is designed to heighten pleasure and also play. Adding CBD to the lube in some people can delightful increase sensitivity as well as aid in relaxation. Adding CBD to the lube can also be beneficial for people who might experience pain during sex, in other words this is a perfect recipe for more pleasure and may lead to better orgasms. The ingredients include coconut oil which is rich in antioxidants, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Jojoba oil which is great at moisturizing, antibacterial, antioxidant and known for wound healing. Beeswax is rich in vitamin A and other antioxidants that clean, repair and moisturize your skin. We’ve added red jasper crystals because it’s associated with the root chakra and is a stone that brings balance, grounding, and stamina. In other words, Explode will assist with ultimate pleasure, that soothes your skin and helps you relax.

Please note that the Explode lube is oil based and can not be used with condoms. 

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