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We’re continuing on as we learn more about the Secret Society Wellness products. I’ve been posting and talking about our wellness products and so many of you DM’d or commented and said that you had never tried them or have never heard of them. So clearly I was not doing my job and was not sharing the best thing in the herpes world since sliced bread. 

So let me tell you how the Secret Society Wellness products got started. There are 2 out of 3 people living with HSV1, now not all of it is oral herpes but the majority of it is. And I realized that there is really nothing out there on the market that is something that you can put daily on your lips or something that will help treat them when there's an outbreak. So that was how the Lifesaver SPF Lip Balm was created. It was back in 2019 and I can remember being pregnant walking down to the beach to do some product shoots. Anyway, it was a best seller and you guys were asking me for more herpes products. So fast forward to now we have 11 wellness products and 9 of them are specifically for herpes.  

Here’s why they are so amazing. There are essential oils in the ingredients that can help with wound repair, soothe skin, help with pain, that are antiviral and even disrupt the herpes virus. Then we add other calming and nourishing ingredients to help with anti- inflammatory and beneficial outcomes. Thus we have our Secret Society Wellness, herpes fighting products! Even if you don’t have herpes you’ll love them!

Now that I’ve given you the back story, let's live into my personal favorite, the Everyday Wellness Oil.  

This was created pretty selfishly because when I got outbreaks in the past I’d spot treat the sore with essential oils. That usually helped and would give some relief as well as help with some of the pain or wound healing. One of the down sides was that I always had to add it to a carrier oil or water so that the essential oil didn’t burn my skin. 

So fast forward to the Everyday Wellness Oil. 

We’ve added some of my favorites like tea tree oil, citrus oils and chamomile oil mixed with some soothing oils and my favorite ingredient CBD. Tea Tree oil is known for being anti-inflammatory and is known as an antiviral agent that can assist with the recovery of open wounds or sores. Citrus oils such as orange and lemon add balancing and calming properties and promote skin health. This moisturizing oil supports skin health, wound healing, meanwhile balancing and calming your nervous system. Tea Tree, chamomile, and citrus oils combine together to leave you feeling renewed and smelling fresh.

Personally I’ll dab it directly onto the herpes sore to find relief. But there are so many other ways to use this that are not just herpes related. There are so many great benefits for your skin you can apply it all over after you get out of the bath or shower. You can add it directly to your bath to soak up the nutrients. I also use it on any other cuts I have or scars that I want to go away. The CBD will help take the edge off and help keep our anxiety at a low as well as help with any pain and inflammation. So there are lots of great benefits with the Everyday Wellness Oil. 

I hope you’ll try my absolute fave 


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