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When I ask you guys on social media if you know about the Secret Society Wellness products most of you say, no. Then if I ask you what do you know about a specific product or how do you like to use it I also get cricket. Many of you have dm’d me or left a comment asking to tell me more or how do I use this. 

So here we are talking about the Secret Society Wellness and the Rescue Balm.

First, let me start out by saying that I started the Secret Society Wellness products in 2019. I was actually pregnant and can remember waddling down to the beach to take some pictures of the first product we launched, the SPF Lifesaver Lip Balm. Since then we now have 11 products and 9 of them are specially formulated to help assist with a herpes outbreak. 

Here’s the deal, there are essential oils that can help with wound repair, soothe skin, help with pain, are antiviral, and even disrupt the herpes virus. Then we add other calming and nourishing ingredients to help with anti-inflammatory and beneficial outcomes. Thus we have our Secret Society Wellness, herpes fighting products!

I know I got off track…now I’ll get to talking about the Rescue Balm. 

This is your favorite. Time and time again we sell out and it’s our number one purchase. We created this to apply directly to a genital herpes outbreak. As we all know, this area is tender, sometimes hard to reach and we want something that is soothing, cleansing, and just feels good. It melts instantly into the skin, and it’s cooling and relieving. Peppermint, eucalypts, and lysine are combined into the easy-to-apply stick, which promotes wound healing, muscle soothing increases recovery, and can help with the pain. Lysine is known to help with herpes recovery and can even speed up healing. 

I have to mention the hero ingredient in this is 50 mg of CBD. This was something that was really important to me to add because of all the amazing benefits of CBD. It can help with inflammation, anxiety and or depression and even pain management.  (source) In other words, this is a perfect ingredient for dealing with the emotions, pain and just annoying blister that comes with a herpes outbreak. 

Something that I almost forgot to mention is that this doesn’t have to be used just for a herpes outbreak. I’ve used mine on other rashes, I’ve used it on my son’s diaper rash, I’ve used it to soothe my muscles after a few days of tough workouts. It just nourishes the skin meanwhile adding benefits all around. 

Ok so I know you’ll want to shop and try it for yourself. 

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