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I mean, really, what are we talking about today? Money and herpes, that has nothing to do in common, I hear you say!

Well, not really. They are both very real, and something we (I assume you're here because you have herpes!) have to deal with and navigate our lives trying to avoid one (herpes outbreaks) and get more of the other (money). But, our minds can trick us believing that one of those things can surely impact our life to the point that it's actually ruling our life. So, it all boils down to how much we let our minds control our lives. How do you talk to yourself about herpes and money?

Amanda shares with us how money impacted the life of her family when she was only a child and how so many problems arose from the all-present feeling of not having enough to make a living. Amanda took care of the finances in the family in her early years, since she did not want her parents to fight about it all the time, which lead her to face the responsibility of money handling. As a colleague student she thought she understood how things work - before life taught her it's not that simple. Alexandra relates to that, saying how we're all taught about sex health in some abstract ideals, but how to actually achieve that, is kind of a mystery, since life offers you different challenges that are not so straight forward and so easy to handle.

The real world would get us constant reminders that there's so much more we did not think or knew about and the 'what' is often not accompanied by 'how'.

I should do that, but how can I go about it?

Amanda says, the first thing you should do is start dreaming. Start with the positive and ask yourself: what would we want our money to do for us, if we were kings and queens for a day? What do you dream about?

We are not usually taught on how to talk with our partners about herpes, STDs, sex and desires, and if you think about, we are also not taught on how to talk about money, finances and very essential things in our lives. We usually quietly let one or the other lead the way, for better or for worse.

Hear what more we have to say about this topic and how herpes and money relate in many ways!

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My biggest concern with me having herpes is how it affects my daughter. She is 2 years old and I’m so scared to spread it to her. I’ve read nothing to help me feel at ease. She is an angel. Her getting it would be my worst nightmare. 

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