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Today, Alexandra sat down with Caroline Goodner, a woman who founded OrganiCare, a company whose mission is 'to create all-natural and organic OTC healthcare products that are safe, effective, and simply better than the petrochemical-based industrial products used by most consumers today.' And it is something she and her team have managed to achieve. Their product, Femiclear is very popular amongst herpes patients.

While we all know that herpes stigma is far greater pain usually than the pain herpes outbreak usually causes, there are people whose experience, especially in the first year or so, getting diagnosed with herpes, is extremely uncomfortable. And those people are benefiting the most from Femiclear. Caroline talks of how often she has heard the thanks for creating such a wonderful, natural product that actually helps.

Dealing with physical symptoms also helps us to accept emotional trauma. The longer our outbreak lasts, more miserable we can feel about it and easier we let that stigma overcome us, as we see at the time - 'it really is that bad that they are telling us.'

Alexandra and Caroline get into a conversation how we let stigma control our lives and how Alexandra has let it control hers for two years. But, there has to come a moment in your life when you have to let it go. Nobody's live is always 100% perfect. There will always be something that can hold you back - but it doesn't mean it should.

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