Monolaurin, Lysine and Other Ways To Support Your Immune System

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Interview with Damon Sununtnasuk about Monolaurin, Lysine and Other Supplements


Today I am interviewing Damon Sununtnasuk from Natural Cure Labs. We talk a lot about monolaurin and also other ways and supplements that can help us fight herpes. 

Damon started his business in San Francisco and was encouraged by other entrepreneurs and likeminded people who were interested in natural medicine, which led him to start his own mission-driven company that’s able to produce solutions for millions of Americans that do not have health insurance or want to avoid being reliable on medications.

The interesting - and call that unfortunate or fortunate- thing about viruses is that they stay in our bodies for life. That doesn’t go just for herpes viruses, but also for many other viruses we normally don’t pay much attention to and our bodies have already developed antibodies for. 

With our current technology, we do not have a way to cure the virus and as we know herpes shows differently for different people and those of us who are experiencing outbreaks, want to do everything in our power to keep the virus dormant as much as possible. That means, boosting your immune system. 

Damon explains how monolaurin is produced from lauric acid and found in breastmilk, as well as some plant fats, like coconut or palm kernel oil. Monolaurin actually helps our young to develop immune system and studies suggest that lauric acid helps support digestive and immune health. And while coconut oil, that is our best plant source of lauric acid and monolaurin, is even gaining in popularity over the last few years, we probably don’t consume as much of it today as we would need to, to fulfill the needs of a human body for this compound. And as we talk about coconuts, the lysine vs. arginine dilemma is very real for people with herpes, so Damon helps to clear the doubts if monolaurin is even safe for us. 

Monolaurin is also used in cosmetics, food production and is even used in meat industry to clean surfaces as a natural alternative to harsh chemicals. It is definitely something we would want to consider adding to our diets, as an alternative to some of the more invasive and harsh pharmaceutical drugs, so our bodies are more able to deal with herpes and other viruses and bacteria. 

I encourage you to do your own research and talk to your doctor if this is something you want to implement into your diet. It is my due diligence to inform you about products that can be helpful, but please make your own research about it.

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