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How CBD Helps Your  Herpes Outbreak

After launching the Secret Society CBD Lip Balm I’ve been getting lots of questions from you all about CBD and why we should use it.  Well… I’m convinced that CBD has so many health benefits and they completely fit with the lifestyle of people living with herpes. 

Let’s face it. Outbreaks hurt! They’re annoying. They show up when we’re stressed out or run down. They absolutely are a buzzkill and change our mood. Oh and not to mention the outbreak that never seems to go away. And guess what? CBD helps with all of this. I’ll tell you how. 

Here are 5 ways that adding CBD into your life will benefit your herpes outbreak.

Calm Your Anxiety

Regardless of just being diagnosed with herpes or if you’ve had herpes for years anxiety can set in and wreak havoc on you. There’s nothing worse than an anxiety attack and CBD Oil mimics serotonin which plays a key role in our mood. It’s the gatekeeper to anxiety or depression.

Reduce Inflammation

CBD can reduce your inflammation from herpes outbreaks. When the outbreak is in full swing there is redness, puffiness, and pain. CBD helps reduced the information and discomfort that goes along with it.

Improves Your Overall Mood

When outbreaks happen it’s a perfect time for us to be a roller coaster of emotions as well as be an energy suck. CBD makes a positive impact on your mood swings and energy levels.

Lessons Outbreak Pain

Herpes outbreaks hurt and CBD reduces pain on multiple levels and even promotes nerve health which is important because the HSV virus lives in our nervous system.

Improves Recovery Time

Outbreaks cause stress on your body and that can keep you down and out and in a funk for too long. CBD lessens inflation calms your nerves and gets you back into balance.

After covering all of this...why wouldn’t you give CBD a try and why wouldn’t you give the lip balm that’s specially designed to improve recovery time, lessen the outbreak pain and improve your overall mood?  Here’s the link for you to check it out and see for yourself. 

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