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Okay so I have both oral herpes and genital herpes. The good news is I get what it’s like to have both oral and genital outbreaks and I also don’t have to worry about getting herpes from anyone else. Lol. 

Personally I think having oral outbreaks are far worse than having genital outbreaks. I know that might sound crazy, especially because the stigma has made having genital herpes like the worst thing in the world.  However, when I have an oral outbreak it really messes with my ego, my self-confidence and I feel like I can’t go anywhere without anyone staring at me. The last time I had an oral outbreak was right before my wedding so I was a little stressed. But I can remember being so the mad that makes your blood boil. I was humiliated because I had this huge blister on my lip and I felt like I couldn’t touch anyone or be around anyone. I was emotionally a mess. Then not to mention the pain I was in. It was sooooo painful and it hurt to eat and just do normal daily activities.’s the pits and I totally get all of it. 

In our Life With Herpes community, I’ve been hearing from you all about this and similar stories. Some are for genital outbreaks and some are for oral outbreaks. It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day herpes is herpes and outbreaks hurt, they put you on an emotional roller coaster and all you want is for it to go away. 

So here’s the deal...I’ve created a lip balm that will help with recovery time, will lessen the pain and fight the virus to keep it away. 

THIS IS HUGE and I’m so excited because there’s nothing else out there that has the same fighting & soothing powers as our Secret Society CBD Lip Balm.  Using it is my favorite way to calm anxiety, reduce the pain from herpes outbreaks and improve my overall wellbeing. Bam...what could be better?!

Here’s how this lip balm works...There is no other product out there on the market that has combined herpes-fighting ingredients as well as CBD to lessen the pain and help soothe on all levels. This is an SPF, moisturizing, Lysine and CBD-infused lip balm that can be used daily to fight against outbreaks both current and preventative. Meanwhile, you’ll be getting hydration to your lips and the CBD will help calm any situation. Win-win all around!

And if you’re thinking that you have genital herpes and this doesn’t pertain to you let me explain...Here’s the deal: the CBD isolate in our Secret Society CBD Lip Balm will help you with your anxiety or depression and help you manage your stress level. Typically stress is the cause of an outbreak so the CBD in the lip balm will lessen your mood swings and get you back to a normal level. There have been studies to prove this! Yay science! 

If you get genital outbreaks as well as oral outbreaks, we recommend buying two (2) Secret Society CB Lip Balms to designate one for your genital region and one for your oral region. You can use something like glitter nail polish or marker and tape to distinguish between the two. This will ensure there’s no back and forth gross stuff going on. Ya, know?

Oh, and you don’t have to worry... CBD in the lip balm won’t get you high there’s no THC. 

Come check it out and see for yourself. Trust me you won’t want to leave home without it and you’re other lip balms or lipsticks will be jealous. 

Go here to get your lip balm :-))

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