Waiting for the Herpes Cure

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This is one of the most pressing questions and the answer often leads to heartache. I hear questions like this daily saying…

“How is there no cure to herpes?”

“Why is there no vaccine when we have a vaccine for practically everything else?”

“When will there be a vaccine?”

“Will there be a cure?”

“Is there something that will prevent outbreaks permanently?”

Here’s the deal. I get it, I’ve felt this way and wondered about it too. The truth is don’t hold your breath and also don’t let this hope of a vaccine hold you back from living your life. 

I hear many people who are in our Secret Society say things like, “oh I’ll just wait for the vaccine before I start dating.” Ok, this sounds like a great idea and it sounds like you’re being a responsible sexually active adult however it also sounds like you’re putting you’re happy in the hands of a vaccine. And that is on the verge of the victim situation and if you know me, I’m huge on not being a victim to herpes. 

Here’s the deal, herpes is a skin disease that causes uncomfortable blisters from time to time. That’s all! It’s nothing more than a dramatized pimple. It’s not a scapegoat for you to become a recluse and become asexual and never go on a date or fall in love or get married or have children or whatever it is you want in life. It’s just an uncomfortable bump that pops up and then goes away a couple of days later. 

The herpes vaccine is almost like Uber. Now hear me out… Before Uber, our only way of transportation besides a private driver or public transportation and of course, mom, was calling a Taxi. Well, as soon as Uber began to transform the way, everyone gets around now the taxi drivers have been in an uproar. Basically Uber has taken their income and their lively hood. Some cities, such as Las Vegas, outlawed Uber and other’s did a good job at keeping them at bay to protect the taxi unions but eventually, convenience wone and the demand was too high. So what did this mean for the taxi drivers, they either could sit in their cab and complained to other cab drivers because they weren’t driving or they could become Uber drivers too. Where I’m going with this and the whole herpes thing is the choice of becoming a victim and waiting for a vaccine before you can live your life is total BS. It’s no different then the taxi driver just sitting on the side of the road with his meter light on saying he’s available for a ride. 

Will there be a cure or a vaccine? I’m sure there will be. I mean we can put a man on the moon, find cures to horrible diseases and break the sound barrier with our jets. It’s just a matter of the right people, the right technology and the other biggie… money. Until then, live your life with herpes and don’t let it hold you back. 

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