3 Herpes Outbreak Triggers

3 Herpes Outbreak Triggers - alexandra harbushka blog

Your lifestyle choices can trigger your  herpes outbreaks

Ok so we have herpes and now we want to know what we can do to prevent getting the next outbreak. Because the less often we have outbreaks the less we think about having herpes. It’s kinda the out of sight out of mind. Just a quick reminder that if you have HSV you’ll have it for life, so just because you’re not getting outbreaks it won't mean that you’re cured or in the clear.  You’ll still have to tell you’re partners. Ok, I just wanted to get that out there. 

As we’ve all heard that a healthy lifestyle will improve your overall life, relationships with key people in your life as well as it can improve your health. Well these basic lifestyle choices

So let’s talk about some reasons why we get herpes and how we can prevent them with some lifestyle choices. Meanwhile, sometimes getting an outbreak is kinda out of your control when it comes to lifestyle but you being aware can help you prepare and be aware of what’s going down.  

First is stress on your body.

Now, we can’t eliminate all stress because it’s just a part of life. It’d be like trying to remove air from the room. It’s just not possible. And even sometimes stress can be a good thing that motivates us and keeps us achieving. But when it comes to herpes, if we put too much stress on our bodies it can cause an outbreak. So things like final exams, new job, moving, new relationships, stress at work, financial stress, stress at home, too busy of a schedule and so on. These things are all transitions that we’ll experience through life and you’re herpes virus will be part of it too. The key for us is to be aware that this can cause an outbreak. So an example is if you’re preparing for finals do you’re best to not pull all-nighters with sugar-free Redbull. We all know that studying a bit a day and getting proper sleep will be a less stressful way to study for your final. Trust me, I get it. I was in college too and sometimes all the exams pile up especially if there’s a really important party happening next door. My point is to be aware, pick your battles and make the decision. Don’t be surprised if an outbreak shows up and make sure you have your antiviral on hand or your home remedies for when it does. 

Next is a low immune system.

I never realized how key an immune system is until I started not taking care of my body and running myself into the ground. And then boom, one cold after the next or just that sluggish feeling. Now, add a herpes diagnosis to it and it’s a perfect recipe for an outbreak or multiple outbreaks. Our immune system is like a little army that fights off disease to keep us strong and healthy. Just like a real army, when they’re not rested or not properly equipped for what’s ahead there’s a potential for an attack and letting the bad guys in. The same goes for our bodies, our immune system is fighting around the clock to keep us healthy and if we make some poor choices then it’s an opportunity for an outbreak. Some of these choices are lack of sleep or not getting proper sleep, eating a poor diet full of perversities or sugar, not eating enough protein, not getting proper exercise and just overall hygiene. Personally, I think sleep is a huge portion to a strong immune system. When you sleep you’re body recovers and get’s ready to take on the next day. If you’re not getting enough sleep then you’re body can’t recover and then you just continue on a path of harming your health. Take a minute to look at your sleep, diet and exercise plan. I’m not saying you need to sign up for a triathlon, I’m saying get outside and walk around the block and get some fresh air. Also, look at what you’re eating and maybe you start bringing your lunch to work instead of ordering the double-double with fries. All of these little things add up and play a role in preventing herpes outbreaks. 

Ok and finally, this is one that we really can’t control too much and it’s our hormones.

This is more for the women because we have hormone spikes and drops monthly due to our menstrual cycle. Also, as women, we tend to take birth control which of course manipulates our hormones as well. It’s super common for women to get outbreaks a couple of days before their period or when they’re ovulating. There’s just a lot of different hormones moving around through the 28 days. And then of course if you go on birth control or go off birth control or change your birth control. All of this can be a little shock to your system and throw you off just enough to get an outbreak. So, in some cases, women will take the antiviral during their periods to just prevent the outbreaks from popping up or they’ll take it to easy these days, do some Netflix and chill and cut down on their busy schedule to take care of themselves. I know it sounds hard but it’s possible. 

Ok, so as you know, look at this as a recommendation. Take the time to evaluate what’s going on in your life and lifestyle so that you can maybe make some adjustments. Maybe you’re reading this and you’re giving yourself high fives because you’re doing the right things. But if you’re not don’t beat yourself up, just make a little adjustment at a time. Life is a journey, not a sprint and your health won't change overnight. You’ll see gradual little changes after a period of time. 

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