How to Make Fitness Part of Your Overall Self-Care Plan Even with a Herpes Outbreak

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If you are afraid to exercise for fear that physical activity will trigger an outbreak, don’t be. A healthy, balanced lifestyle should include fitness -- even when you have herpes. Keeping your body healthy might even help prevent some outbreaks since exercise boosts the immune system and lowers stress. Keep reading for ways to include fitness in your life as part of a healthy self-care routine. 

Understanding self-care

Participating in a balanced self-care plan is important, but many people misunderstand what that means. Prioritizing your basic needs to promote good health and wellness is at the core of self-care. Self-care should not be stressful or done in response to an issue, such as adjusting your lifestyle after a major illness or personal setback. Instead, you should adjust your lifestyle to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. As PsychCentral explains, fitness is a vital component in a balanced self-care plan. You don’t need to make your life revolve around it though, since as little as 20 to 30 minutes per day can make a significant difference in your health.

Bring the workout home

Do you work from home? Or do your kids’ schedules keep you running around before and after work every day? Sometimes visiting a traditional gym sounds great, but your responsibilities don’t afford much time to make it to one. If getting to the gym regularly is difficult for you or if you’d like to save money (the average cost for a gym membership is $58 a month), consider converting an area at home into your own private workout space. A corner of the garage, spare room, or section of your basement could be the perfect spot to set up a home workout area. You don’t need a lot of space, and adding inexpensive equipment can complete your home gym, making for a fitness plan that’s both convenient and effective to maintain. If you’re willing to shell out a little more to add a ceiling fan, flooring, and a pull-up bar, it’ll cost you between $145 and $381 in Rancho Santa Fe to hire a handyman to tackle these projects.

Keep moving

Setting aside an hour or so every day for a workout is great in theory, but when your schedule is already packed it can be difficult, at best. Instead, try adjusting how you view fitness. Make it a point to increase physical activity throughout your day, rather than reserving a specific time slot for it. Spend your breaks stretching your legs with a stroll through the office building or around the block, walk to your coworker instead of sending an email, and stand up to pace while talking on the phone. Any opportunity you have to move around allows you to burn more energy than you would by being sedentary.  

Take the stairs

One of the simplest ways to add exercise to an already busy day is to substitute riding an elevator for taking the stairs. Stair climbing can even effectively replace a trip to the gym, with some studies indicating a 175-pound person burns 21 calories climbing stairs for two minutes, versus two calories on a one-minute elevator ride. Parking garages offer plenty of steps, and office buildings can mean several stories of stairs. If you aren’t used to climbing the stairs, try getting off the elevator a floor or two early at first, rather than tackling several flights right off the bat.  

Shop like you mean it

When you run errands, make the most of your outing. As The Guardian explains, changing up your shopping trips can mean adding exercise to your lifestyle. Park at the far end of the parking lot or, better yet, a block away. Maintain good posture to work your core while shopping, and be sure to return your shopping cart properly after you unload it. Also, consider hauling your bags by hand, loading yourself up on both arms to carry them, rather than pushing them by cart to your vehicle.  

Do things you enjoy

Making fitness a priority is particularly tough if you don’t enjoy it. One way to better adhere to a workout regimen is to participate in activities you enjoy. With that in mind, don’t discount hobbies as a form of exercise. Think about engaging in things you look forward to doing, whether it’s geocaching, dancing, walking your dog, gardening, or playing on the playground with your kids.  

Fitness can be part of anyone’s lifestyle and is an important aspect of balanced self-care. And when you have herpes, keeping yourself well is essential to your overall health. Look for ways to be more active—there are more opportunities than you likely realize. Whatever works out for you is great... you just need to find the right fit.   

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