3 Reasons Why Your Herpes Diagnosis Is Good News

3 Reasons Why Your Herpes Diagnosis Is Good News 137 - blog alexandra harbushka

Beginning to look at your glass half full with herpes. 

I know this can come to you as a huge surprise. You’re like, wait for what...good news?!?!?!?!?! F that!

Sound familiar? And you’ve probably added a ton of’s “there are nothing good about herpes” thoughts in there. Like, it broke up my relationship, it destroyed my dreams and I’ll never ever meet anyone who will love me because I have this.

Sound about right? Did I miss anything?

Ok… I get it. I felt the exact same way. It’s a shock and it hurts in so many ways when you’re diagnosed. But here’s the secret.

It’s just the stigma that is hurting you. That’s it. It’s just a lie or a fable or a stereotype.

Herpes is a virus that the majority of the population has and it causes annoying blisters once in a while. It’s not the big bad wolf and the reason for all things in life to collapse.

I bet you’re like ok, let’s get to the good news. Ok so here's the good news.

It's A Wake-up Call

It’s an opportunity to look inward and see where some flaws were in my life. For example, when I was diagnosed I wasn't really taking care of myself. I wasn’t eating the right things, I wasn’t getting the right amount of sleep and basically, my lifestyle was stressful on my body. Maybe this sounds right up your alley or maybe you have different life experiences that you need to put some attention on. This is totally you’re opportunity to take a look, listen and reflect.

Set Boundaries

The good news is it’s 100% up to you to decide who you’re going to tell about your herpes diagnosis. I believe you don’t need to disclose to people unless you’re going to expose yourself. So instead of fearing the conversation take control and empower yourself to decide when and who gets to know. It’s now your opportunity to take control of your sexual health and your body. Opposed to assuming that everything’s fine because the persons cute and into you and you’re about to get laid..  Get out of your comfort zone and stand up for yourself. Set your boundaries, take control and get comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation.

Weed Out The Lookie-loos

At first, it might sound like you’re lowering your chances of meeting someone because you’re weeding out the people who don’t want to get to know you because you have herpes. It initially feels like this is the reason for rejection but really when you turn your perspective and look at how it’s going to let you know up front who’s really into you and who’s not.

It’s all about you looking at this as a glass half empty or a glass half full. Obviously, our first is half empty but when you begin to move through this and accept that you have herpes and that it’s not going to affect your life then move through it.

Watch Life With Herpes 

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