How To Know What's Not Herpes

That's Not Herpes ep 132 blog

When we look down and see a bump or a cut or a red spot it’s either one of two reactions. Either it’s an OMG WTF I’m going to die or we just shrug it off and assume it’s nothing.

Which one are you?

In other episodes, I talk about in detail what herpes symptoms are, what they look like and how you’re going to feel. Today I want to get the nitty-gritty on what’s not herpes. If you’re wondering about symptoms go here to check out past episode 101 here

What’s Not Herpes:

  • Pimple which includes whiteheads, blackheads & cysts

  • Ingrown hair

  • Canker sore

  • Contact Dermatitis (Skin rashes) - from poison ivy, laundry detergent, perfumes, medications, lotions, etc.

  • Scabies

  • Jock itch

  • Bug Bites

  • Yeast infection

  • Syphilis

  • Gonorrhea

So normally I don’t recommend going to google because there are so many scary photos up there and then it can become daunting and plane scary. I mean I’m the type of person who takes my dog to the vet and I look at the heartworm photos and think that I have heartworm.  So.. if that’s you then do your best to stay away. But, if you’re wondering about any of the items I discussed earlier and want to know more then check it out.

Here’s the thing, nobody ever thinks that it’s herpes. But, the majority of the population has herpes so if you see something that raises your eyebrow or makes you wonder to go get it checked out. ASAP. Living in limbo is worse than the diagnosis. To seek herpes treatment and potential diagnosis go here to HerpAlert. Use the promo code: lifewithherpes to receive 10% off. I’m obsessed with HerpAlert and what they offer when it comes to privacy, the ability to talk to an MD doctor and receive a diagnosis within the hour. Check them out.




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