120: Alexandra Harbushka's Husbands Thoughts On Her Having Herpes


Hi there! On today’s episode my husband, Bill, is joining us. Yay! There’s been a ton of Secret Society members who’ve been asking about Bill and wanting to know what his true thoughts were when it came to be with me, us having sex and the risks of transmitting herpes.

Originally when I was diagnosed I truly believed that nobody would love me because of this virus. Sound familiar? I stayed in a relationship far too long because I didn’t have the self-confidence.  

Moving forward to this episode we get the real skinny on what Bill’s thoughts are about our love, our marriage and yep our sex life.

I wanted you to hear Bill tell his story about when I disclosed to Bill about my herpes diagnosis. This is great to tune in because we all have to tell our partners at some point.

Bill shares from his point of view about how emotional I was when I disclosed to him about having herpes. Now keep in mind that when I disclosed we were not dating or together. I just confided in him because he was my best friend and my confidant.

One key point that we both make is herpes is not an issue AT ALL in our life. And that’s one of the biggest concerns when first being diagnosed. We think that having herpes will get in the way of our sex life and it’s a huge concern that having a normal relationship has flown out the window. I can tell you this is 100% BS.  You’ll hear Bill share his side.

Oh, and you heard me talk about herpalert on this episode. BTW...HerpAlert is the best way to have a confidential diagnosis as well as get your monthly antiviral refills. Use the promo code: lifewithherpes and receive 10% off.

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