Types of Lube That Impact Your Herpes Outbreaks

https://youtu.be/pY1FZp87Wss   Today we’re going to talk about something fun. We’re going to talk about Lube!!!! When we hear about out herpes diagnosis we immediately go into the mindset that we’ll never have a sex life again or that sex can’t be a positive thing in our life. Herpes will only have an impact on your life and sex life if you let it. So let’s not let it! Sound good? Lube’s an important part about sex and we spend so much time talking about ways to prevent passing herpes to your partner I decided we need to put that aside and have some fun. Not that safe sex isn’t important because there really is nothing sexier than safe sex. Let’s break it down… There ’s four types of lube; water-based lube, oil-based lube, silicone based lube and there are lubes that contain spermicide or nonoxynol 9. At the end of the day they pretty much all lead to the same result...more lube during a romp session but they can have an impact on your body and potentially your herpes outbreak. Let’s talk about water based lubes and silicone based lube. You will only want to use either water-based lube or silicone lubes if you are using a condom. Which, I highly recommend using condoms for preventing the transmission of herpes, any other potential STI’s and of course pregnancy. It’s super important you don't mix an oil-based lube with condoms. The oil actually can eat away at the latex causing the condom to break or put some little holes in it. Clearly...not the outcome we want. Picking a water-based or a silicon-based will be personal preference and of course it’s important to see which ones have less chemicals. Then next I want to cover is spermicide lube is a form of birth control because it slows the sperm down. It’s almost like they were tasered and now it’s hard for them to swim to the egg. The reasons why I don’t recommend this for people with herpes is because the ingredient in the spermicide that makes it a spermicide is nonoxynol 9 and that can cause some irritant to our genital tissues, especially if you're having sex daily or multiple times a day. It can potentially inflame the area and case some little tares that can put both people at more risk or transmitting herpes and potentially other STI’s. And as we all know, we don’t want to irritate our genital area because irritation can cause an outbreak. None of these combinations sound ideal for our lifestyle. Oil based lube is thought to be the most natural and it usually is the best for you and your partner. Remeber...please don’t use oil based if you are using condoms. Oil based lube feels the most natural and usually last longer. And the other good news about oil based lube is its usually chemical free and better for your skin. Here is a list of my favorite lubes to use…


This is a water-based organic lube so this is great for you and your partner if you’re using condoms. It’s made with organic aloe vera which is great to nourish your skin while having fun in the sack. Also, it’s the right PH balance for a woman so it will lessen the chance of a yeast infection or the dreaded bacterial vaginosis a.k.a. the tuna fish smelling vagina.

Woo More Play

This is an oil-based lube so not to be used with condoms. This is great for masturbation or to be used without condoms. Woo More Play is great for herpes and here’s how it helps. Its key ingredients are coconut oil, vanilla, beeswax, and stevia. All are organic, natural and they have awesome benefits that fight inflammation, free radicals, kills germs, boosts your immune system and other great stuff. Yes, I’ve even been known to put lube on my outbreak. Try it! And let’s be serious it's always great to have some lube on hand. Just put a little dibby dab on a q-tip and rub it on your sore. It helps...promise. Ok so go out have fun. Yes, you can still have a sex life with genital herpes. Remember, talk to your partner about safe sex and having herpes and then decide what lube works best for your lifestyle. Xoxo, Alexandra

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