104: Heal Herpes Through Thoughts and Emotions, with Beverly Zeimet

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Welcome, today our guest, Beverly Zeimet, will explain why she believes we can heal herpes through the power of thoughts and emotions!

Beverly has been in the alternative field for over 35 years, and she specializes in emotional release and helping people find their true identity and purpose. She works with her clients to look at their own lives and look at what roles they take on and how those roles can impact their lives.

We met at a networking event in Las Vegas. When I told her what I did we had a fascinating discussion about the emotional side of herpes, the why, where, how and how to heal. Everything she told me is so different from what we are taught in Western culture: we're told to take a pill and it will fix everything.

Beverly explains we often get identified by what people relate us to rather than who we are, and diseases like herpes can become who we think we are. When you look at how you lost your identity and the emotional impact of that is and you start feeling those emotions your life starts to change. It can be devastating when you get your initial diagnosis and you may even think your life is over, but it's not. Dealing with the emotions that you experience can help you change your perspective.

You can still have productive relationships and life a full life, it's not a scarlet letter you have to wear. It's a dysfunction in your body and when you start to understand the underlying current and vibration that it brings you can start to experience the emotions, without letting them run your life.

A lot of the emotions that occur with herpes are fear, anger, grief, guilt, depression, and shame. But when we can understand what causes those emotions we can shift things.

Herpes is usually a sexual disease, as a result it impacts your sexual identity and your sensual identity. The difference between the two (sexual and sensual) is that sensuality is the power of who you are: how you express yourself, how you stand, how you walk and how you talk. It's how you trust and perceive your overall gender look.

Sometimes if your sensual identity gets out of whack it becomes attached to your ego. And when it reaches that point it's usually just superficial, underlying all of that could be sexual abuse, or not feeling confident in who you are, or not feeling proud of who you are internally.

Because of those feelings you have to make yourself appear to look good to everyone else, so you can hide what you feel inside because you don’t look good to yourself. When you are hiding your feelings of depression, shame and guilt - even suicidal tendencies.

On today’s Life With Herpes, Beverly candidly explains she fought depression most of her life, she was always looking for acceptance. This started in childhood when she wanted to be accepted by her dad, she grew up as a tomboy until her brothers came along. She was a strong extrovert until she went to school and got picked on because she was so small. Then she became an introvert, but she was filled with anger and wanting to fight.

So when she was 24 she realized she had no identity. She understood her only identity came through being a mother and a wife, she had three young children under the age of 5.

Which made her ask herself what was her purpose? Why was she here?

She grew so despondent she began thinking of suicide because she had no purpose to her life. She was in a loveless marriage in Iowa, she didn't want to be in her marriage nor in that part of the country. She wanted out but didn't see a way to leave; it felt like her whole world was caving in on her because she had no purpose and no identity.

She took off one night on a walk - this was back in the 70s when there were no self-help books and no one to talk to. At the time you just dealt with it on your own. But she knew there had to be more than that and so she took a walk. On this walk her anger started to come out: she was mad at God. She gave him a piece of her mind that night!

After she finished with God she started ripping her dad, her mother, and her 10 siblings. She blamed everything that was wrong in her life on everyone else. Basically, she had decided she was going to check out; she just had to figure out when and how, which is why she was on her walk.

After she had quieted down and wasn't yelling anymore, she was walking in thought and heard an inner voice ask her: Are you done? That pissed her off and she started yelling again! She yelled and screamed until she sobbed. She cried and cried like she had never in her life; she cried so hard she couldn't breathe! Through that, she heard the voice again ask her if she was done. And she said yes, I want out.

In that moment she surrendered. The voice said, "Ok, we just have one question for you." She asked what the question was and the voice asked her who was going to take care of her kids?

And that jolted her back into reality; she knew then she couldn't check out so she asked the voice to make a deal with her. She would take care of her kids and be there for them to grow up but she wasn't going to let them grow up in a loveless marriage nor in Iowa.

In return, she needed to know her purpose. She knew she was more than just her kids' mother, and she told the voice she needed focus, guidance and to show her the way. The voice did guide her, and she shares the specifics of those next five years.

Beverly also shares how her writing career got started during that time, what gave her the taste of freedom and why shame can lead to suicidal thoughts. She also tells us why she believes you can cure herpes and her own personal story of fibroid tumors. Listen in for that and more on today’s edition of Life With Herpes!

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