Sexual Ways Herpes Can Be Transmitted

100_ Sexual Ways Herpes Can Be Transmitted With Alexandra Harbushka blog

There's more than just sex that can transmit herpes. 

A lot of times when we are diagnosed with herpes we can become germaphobes. I mean, I already was one and when I got herpes I went over the edge. Anyone else guilty? When I had an outbreak I would begin to alienate my body. I wouldn't touch certain parts of my body and I would ALWAYS wash my hands like 25 times before I touched anything. It was like self-punishment. There is a level when you need to stop, take a deep breath and move on. People ask me all the time will this transmit herpes or will doing that transmit herpes or what if… So here are some sexual things we are doing that can transmit herpes. Remember, I want you be aware of them not punish yourself.

Ok, The Obvious One…(no drumroll needed) Sex.

I mean sex of all kinds. This includes; vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex and any other type of sex that you can come up with. In the hookup culture, what is considered a “goto” in lieu of a condom is the good ole blow job. Somehow we are missing in sex-ed that oral sex, including blow jobs and going down on someone, can transmit herpes just as easily as sex. So really the only thing you can be sure about with oral sex is not getting someone pregnant. Other than that, you are at as much risk as good old fashioned sex. In fact, 50% of genital herpes transmission is from oral herpes HSV1 transmission.

Fingering, Handjobs & Masturbation.

If a person is infected and more importantly has an outbreak and you are messing around in that area then herpes can be transmitted. It goes back to skin to skin and touching the infected area. So even if you are keeping it at second base you want to make sure if you or your partner are having an outbreak to keep your distance. Even if you are a one-man band and you can still pass it. For example, if you have oral herpes and are having an outbreak and you touch it or pick at it and then decide to do some self-pleasure without washing your hands then boom. You just transmitted it. I want to make sure this is brought to your attention but what I don’t want is for you to shut down sexually or feel like there is no hope and you might as well wear a chastity belt. Please don't feel that way. I believe that it’s important to know everything there is to know about it so that you and your partner can make the right decision for the both of you. And trust me you can get creative when it comes to getting it on. There’s always latex! What I don't want to happen is think that an alternative solution will keep you and your partner protected and then see the virus pop up. Something I want to encourage everyone to do more of is wash your hands. I know I sound like your mom when you were 3 but its so true. Sometimes just washing your hands can prevent a ton of diseases and germs. When in doubt just wash your hands with warm water and soap for 25 seconds. See you all soon and DM me with any questions. Remember...get creative. Xoxo, Alexandra Oh and...Need Some Latex? Shop for it here.

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