095: What Your Body Is Telling You About Herpes, with Sophia Wise One

Vagina Therapy, Body Work and Talking To Your Herpes


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Welcome to this edition of Life With Herpes. Have you ever considered your body is trying to tell you something when you have an outbreak or when you aren’t feeling good in some other way? Our guest today says it is and she’ll help you understand the message.

Sophia Wise One is a certified Holistic Pelvic Care Provider™ and Reiki Master. She practices Holistic Vagina and Rectal Therapy and has also begun working with men’s genitalia as well. Today on Life With Herpes, we talk about how you can move through any blocks, pain or trauma you may be holding in your pelvic area, why our bodies are not “good” or “bad” and how we can talk to our herpes virus.

A Dive Into Body Wisdom & Body Healing

To start off the show Sophia explains what it means to be a holistic pelvic care provider. She says the holistic perspective of this part of the body is that it is a landscape that holds information about our emotional, mental and spiritual health. So she approaches this work with a respect and interest to all of those things simultaneously.

The pelvic area is considered to be the root of the body. In male-identifying people, it is the penis and in female-identifying people, it is the vagina. The root is where we hold a lot of our energy: our hurts, our fears, our hopes. Often these feelings get stuck, we create a dam there and these feelings can't move and flow.

We all also have womb energy, this is the space in which we hold our regenerative and our creative self. Our dreams and our desires are held here. One of her favorite ways to think about the root is the pelvic bowl. This bowl is from the taint up to our hips.

So when we're talking about the root, the primary teaching she offers here is to think to yourself: I am made of space and matter. I take up space, and I matter. Anything that is connected to you takes up space and anything that connects to you matters. Whether that is having a purpose in your life or feeling valued by others, and honoring your own needs is all based in the root area of your body.

This area holds what we need and what we know. What we are feeling happens in our heart, what we are thinking in our minds, and what we know happens in our root/pelvic bowl. A lot of people don't experience this because they are disconnected from this area, so getting into the root can be scary and also exciting.

Now when we're talking about herpes (specifically genital herpes), when we get connected to the virus does that mean it will dissolve itself physically? Herpes is so attached to shame, anger, hurt and distrust can get in touch with our root clear the physical manifestation of genital herpes?

She thinks for some it could. Getting in touch with their root helps some people clear the congestion and the energetic, physical, emotional and mental stories about themselves. Clearing all of that could result in clearing the rash. She's not going to say it doesn't always happen because we have an opinion about our bodies that our body is either being good or it's being bad.  

She says there are many things that can go into our learning and our growth, and our bodies are just one of those many things. Sometimes when our bodies are doing something we perceive as "bad" it's only because they are communicating with us and asking for something they need. In other words, you can do all the things you need to do to get connected with your body and the herpes rash may still not go away.

I asked her if we should talk to our herpes virus and she said absolutely. One way you can do this is to always start with love and care. You can place your hand lightly on your genitals. This helps you bring your focus and get connected to this area.

Send a few breaths and feel into that space. Now ask the question you have for your herpes. Imagine that question is a penny and you have dropped it in a well, and you are the well. You want to feel that watery answer, so wait for it. It could be an emotion, a memory, a knowing, an image, a taste, a tingle, a sensation, a sound.

On today’s show, we also get into what to do instead of Kegels, what pelvic floor work is exactly and how to know if we need it. Join us for this fascinating discussion on this edition of Life With Herpes.

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