082: #AskAlexandra How do I guarantee that I won't give a partner herpes?

Ask Answer And Get The Facts About Herpes

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Life With Herpes

Welcome to today’s episode on Life with Herpes, I am excited to be spending today with you whatever it is you are doing. You get to hear behind the scenes of me trying to figure out a time to shower and get my laundry done. So if you are watching this on youtube you will see that I am in my gym clothes and I had not yet showered.

One of the main concerns or questions I get are how do I prevent passing herpes to my partner. And today’s question comes from David in Philadelphia.  He asks, “how do I guarantee I won’t pass herpes to my partner.” The short answer is, you can not guarantee you will prevent passing it. That is why this little virus has made it for generations and keeps on giving. I talk about more about this in episode 078 if you want to hotpover and learn more.

Here are the 3 best ways to prevent passing herpes to your partner:
  1. Educate yourself
  2. Talk to your partner
  3. Use protection
One of the biggest misunderstandings with herpes is we originally believed that you could only transmit the virus when there was an active outbreak. This is 100% false. 70% of the transmissions occur when there are no symptoms. So keep in mind that we can always transmit the virus due to viral shedding.

The reason why I am getting this information out there is not to scare you or prevent you from having sex. That is the last thing I want for you. Sex is a part of life and is a beautiful part of life, because you have herpes you do not need to become abstinent or become a hermit. What I want for you is to be as educated as possible so that you can have a healthy sex life.

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