Can Your Period Cause a Herpes Outbreak?

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Aunt Flo bringing the gift that keeps on giving

Welcome to today’s episode on Life With Herpes, thank you for joining me and our other members. Today’s episode is always one of my favorites because I get to hear directly from you. It’s the #AskAlexandra section of the podcast! Today’s question comes from Rose in Franklin Tennessee. She says, “ it feels like I am always getting outbreaks on or around my menstrual cycle. It is possible that my period is creating outbreaks?” Well the answer is yes but hear me out. There have been no direct links or reports saying that women get more outbreaks on their period but from what I have personally noticed as well as what I have heard from the Life With Herpes community most of us get outbreaks on our period.  We are more sensitive on our periods, I know this is Captain Obvious, however, it is not just our emotions it is our vaginal region too.   Here is what happens to us emotionally on a level that we are not really in control of but as a female, our bodies want to get pregnant, I mean that is how we were engineered. When we get our period that is the confirmation to our sex organs that we did not get pregnant again this month so our body kind of has its own little pity party. Again, I want to remind you this is all on a subconscious level we are not in control of this and it even happens when consciously we don’t want to get preggers. So back to our vagina having a pity party about getting our period. Now let's toss into our pity party the feminism supplies that we use to prevent ourselves from bleeding all over our clothes. Our Tampons and pads are filled with crap. I can’t remember the last time I used a pad it had to be before high school but I can remember how itchy, prickly and uncomfortable they were.  Tampons are not any better they are bleached and cause toxic shock. Both of them contain toxic ingredients and we are putting them into our bodies and it causes irritation. My personal opinion is that our feminine product combined with the emotional state of our vagina is causing outbreaks.   So what can you do to lessen the opportunity for an outbreak when Aunt Flo comes to visit? We can’t really change our vaginas emotional state but we can change the products we use on her. I have to say I swear by this and love these products like no other. My first miracle is the THINX period of underwear. They are underwear made by menstruating women for menstruating women. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors and they don’t leak. I know this may sound a bit overwhelming but trust me...they will change your life. I have a $10 off your first pair so click here to use the shopping link.  Then my other period go-to is the diva cup. It is made out of silicone,  it is eco-friendly and you won't leak. It replaces the use of tampons which is amazing and you save money and you are helping the environment. It is a win-win. FYI if you are over 28 or have had a baby order the size 2 the rest of the baby birds will be a size 1 click here.

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