062: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally, with Allana Pratt

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Learning that your energy will reflect back to you

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Life With Herpes Podcast

Welcome to episode 62 of Life With Herpes! We have an extra special guest joining us today, Ms. Allana Pratt. Allana is a renowned intimacy expert who helps men and women heal their wounded hearts, release shame and find intimacy within themselves and their romantic relationships. Join us as we talk about her own journey, the practices and tools she uses with her clients, and how to love yourself unconditionally. There’s all of that and more waiting for you on episode 62 of Life With Herpes.

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Today Allana Pratt knows what you believe about yourself is a vibration is a truth, and you will put it out there. it will be mirrored and matched back to you in who you attract.

She learned this lesson when she was a topless dancer in Japan. In North American culture dancing going topless and being a topless dancer is shameful, but in Japan it wasn't a big deal.

In fact, the men in the audience would bow and honor the women who were dancing. They would honor the women as goddesses before them, there was no shame in being a topless dancer.

When she realized what she was feeling - shame and embarrassment - she changed her mindset. The next day while dancing she used an ancient breathing practice called Tonglen. She did this practice along with the affirmation of being a goddess and a work of art. Everyone in her section stood up, started bowing and she realized I am in charge! It fully changed her perspective and her life.

Allana began applying this practice to other areas of her life, including her herpes diagnosis. She chose to see it as a gift rather than something that makes her dirty and shameful.

Today this is part of what she teaches to others: how to transform challenges into gifts. She believes souls that take on being gay, being black, being a woman or having an STD - any type of soul that doesn't fit the mold - is a badass soul. Those are the souls who are here to grow and learn because it is difficult to deal with rejection, pain, etc.

STDs, like herpes, are invitations to awaken and become enlightened, to speak our truth and to shine in the face of anything and open our hearts in the face of anything. But when we shut our hearts and judge ourselves it makes our journey a lot harder!

I wanted to know if having herpes has allowed her to become more intimate with her partners? In a word, yes. By breaking down the word intimacy it becomes in to me I see.  

Intimacy is the process of going inside of yourself and finding the shamed or hurting or angry little girl or boy in the back corner of your heart. When you find that little you then you heal that relationship with him or her. You love that part of you no matter what, you love that part of yourself unconditionally - even if he or she never changes.

Allan also shared how she recommends getting through the initial stage when you are diagnosed with herpes. According to her you have to navigate your emotions, and ride them like the waves they are rather than suppress them. If you don't allow your feelings you will never fully heal. Avoidance doesn't heal your wounds, it just ensures they will show up again later in life in other ways and other situations. But if you are willing to navigate intense emotions and allow them you can heal. You don’t have to change anything, you don’t have to like anything about your situation, you only have to sit with it.

Today we also talk about the stages of dealing with herpes outbreaks, solutions we've tried, and what we learned from the process. Join us to hear this deep, and uplifting conversation on episode 62 of Life With Herpes.



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