065: #AskAlexandra Does herpes move?

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Life With Herpes


Welcome to today’s episode of Life With Herpes. As always, I am thrilled to be here with you and thank you for joining us today. I love the #AskAlexandra episodes because it allows me to hear from you, connect with you and of course be a resource for you. Today’s question comes from Brian from Cincinnati. Thanks Brian for submitting your question. His question is, “does herpes move?” Ok so yes it does. In Order to answer this question, I break down the two herpes viruses. I also did a podcast on HSV 1 & HSV2 click here to read and listen for more details.


So back to can herpes move. Herpes can be passed from oral to genital and genital to oral. This happens through oral sex and vaginal or anal sex. For example, if person A has genital herpes he or she can pass it genitally to person B by having vaginal or anal sex. Or person B can become infected by person A if there is oral sex involved. Make sense?


Then as time continues your outbreak can travel. What this means is the virus lies dormant on the nervous system and when it wants to pop up and cause a blister it will pop up somewhere on the nerve. So for example, if your first outbreak was on your vaginal lips but years later it can move to your buttocks. The virus is going to stay around in the same area...in other words the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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