061: You have already been exposed to herpes with Alexandra Harbushka

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Education, exposure and making sure you let people know the facts

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Welcome to our episode today on Life With Herpes. Today we get to call people out on their preconceived notions about herpes. I tell some of my personal stories about how people respond to me when I tell them about my Life With Herpes podcast and business. Here is a really key piece of information for you to remember when you are telling a partner that you have herpes, or it somehow comes up in conversation that you have herpes etc. This is what you need to tell them, “ According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of 6 adults have genital herpes. It comes in both forms of HSV1 and HSV2.”  Then I proceed to let them know that if they have more than 6 friends who are sexually active than 1 of them has genital herpes. I also proceed to let them know that if they have had sex with more than 6 people then based on statistics you have been exposed to someone who has genital herpes. The World Health Organization says that 67% of them in the world have HSV 1 and 11% have HSV 2.


Basically I go on to say that at some point in our life before we actually got herpes we were all exposed to herpes and if you are talking to someone who does not have herpes make sure you share these staggering statistics with them.  


I got pretty passionate and fired up on this episode and really wanted to the point across. Anyway, let me know if you have additional questions on this topic.



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